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INVICTUS – you convict us…

i just saw INVICTUS and thought it was a good movie. here’s  a few of my quick takeaways from the film (no real spoilers here so i think you’re safe if you didn’t see it yet!):



To BE or DO? That is the question…

i feel troubled at times because i feel so far from where i need to be as a leader, husband, father, son, artist, and human being.

recently a really caring brother exposed a part of me that had been somewhat of a blind spot.  really made me think and i was brought to a place of, “man. I really suck.”

how in the world do you deal with all the things that you need to DO with all the things you need to BECOME?

both are extremely important and can happen simultaneously but i would argue that what you are BECOMING is ultimately more important than what you are DOING.

what do you think?  would love your wisdom and stories…

the death of anonymity

There’s something that really gets to me about an aspect of social media culture but i’m especially to blame and I’m mainly disappointed in myself.

Which of these do not belong?

Justice, advocacy, compassion, and… anonymity.