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arguably the greatest challenge known to man

i don’t know if you’ve noticed but i love to speak in grand generalities and this has been both a great thing and an annoying/controversial thing for some. i love talking about the “greatest” or “favorite” or “worst” or “top 5 (in whatever)” or “ugliest” (this one’s a private list), etc. It’s fun. Try it some time!

today I want to present to you what I believe is the greatest challenge known to man. i don’t care if you agree right away but think about it and i think you’ll agree with me:



the reason for fewer posts

hey everyone,

there’s a big reason why i haven’t been posting as much and it’s because of this:

i have alluded to our transition in previous posts but we are finally going public with the news and it is so that you can join us and support us.  The new blog site chronicles the current journey that my family and I are in the process of.  for those of you who are too lazy to click on the link above, here’s a pasted page out of the site:


this story starts back in October of 2008.  Sadie and I were expecting our first child in a month and we were rocked when we got this sinking feeling in our souls that we were supposed to let go of my “job” at Newsong Church.  we didn’t know why we felt this way and the prospect of this reality was just so darn scary, we did what any normal person would do in this situation– ignored the thought and held on to the job.  After all, it was a “calling” and “dream job” to be where I was at and if we were honest, we held on because the job brought us a meager yet steady paycheck, health insurance, predictability and comfort.  It would be stupid to step down from a job I found meaning in, especially during these tough economic times… right?

Well, as we all know, life is full of surprises and curve balls.  this is especially so when you pledge to live a surrendered life.  we forgot about this amidst all the comfort and predictability of a life in Orange County, CA.  a surrendered life requires everything.  EVERYTHING.

Fast forward– we hit financial bottom in early October 2009 (just a few months ago) and it’s really a mystery as to how that happened.  We were never extravagant or foolish with our money (except when we paid to see “The House Bunny” at the theater– it was the dollar theater but still a foolish investment nonetheless), and our debt was extremely minimal.  Yet here we were, savings account down to about $50 and no idea of how we would pay for the month’s rent.  The only explanation and illogical conclusion we could come to was that God was throwing down a crazy hint that He wanted us to lay down the job (and the underlying security and sense of identity it brought us) and trust him blindly with what would be next.  We had questions of what I would do if it wasn’t church ministry, how I would provide for my family, how we would pay for Micah’s doctor visits, etc. and etc.

This financial rock-bottom forced us to realize we had no other choice but to let God surprise us and lead us.  After about a year of wrestling with the thought, we finally decided to stop taking pay at my job and be completely open to what was next; whatever it may be.  The biggest risk of our young lives.  Perhaps the stupidest thing ever?  We would find out soon enough.


The day we firmly decided this was October 10, 2009– the day of Newsong’s annual one-day conference called “Unleashing Beauty.”  As the day came to a close and we were cleaning things up, a friend of ours came up to Sadie and handed her a generous sum of cash that would help us pay rent and replenish a little bit of our savings.  He had no idea what our situation was and didn’t know we had just made a decision to take a leap into the unknown.  To him, it was a random gift of love but to us, it was more than that.  It was and still is, an affirmation from God saying, “See?  Just trust me on this one.  I’m going to take care of you guys.”  It was a real-life miracle.  It was a sign of things to come and a prelude to adventure.


We took a trip to Mexico City in early December 2009 to help with a Human Trafficking awareness event down there called Justice NOW.  It was our first international trip with baby Micah and we were excited to see a new place and play some music.  An unexpected proposal was made by my friend Benny Yu on our last day of the trip and he basically invited us to consider moving down to Mexico City to be a part of the team down there.  I personally didn’t feel ready to make a move out of the country again.  I thought my next steps would be contained in California.  In any case, we decided to take our time with this and were grateful that we were returning home with an option.

There were a couple other things that we considered to be options for us but they all fell through.  All the things that I felt were reasons to stay in Irvine turned out to be mere illusion.  Everything was pointing to Mexico City.  After much time, in early February 2010, we decided to make the move to Mexico City and commit to 2 years in the city.


We always talked a lot about living a life immersed in social justice.  That’s also the reason why we named our firstborn Micah (act justly, love mercy, walk humbly).  Mexico City gives us a chance to put our words into action.  We will be working with women who have been brought out of trafficking into a safe-house that our friends have acquired and renovated.  We will also be working with some of the amazing young artists to help raise up a generation of indigenous activists who will exercise their right to creative extremism to bring about lasting change.


If you’re a praying person, you can help by remembering us in your prayers.  Safety and protection are big concerns for us, especially in light of what we heard about the drug cartels and kidnapping epidemic throughout the area.  Also pray that we could witness change during our time there.

The other way you can help is by supporting us financially.  We are moving down there 100% supported by our friends.

We are projecting our move to happen sometime in early to mid-June, 2010.

Let’s do this thing together and change the world, one city at a time.