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we’re moving again. thank you mexico. getting ready for The OC.

**this post is to inform those of you who have been journeying with us this past year and to avoid confusion going forward!**

we are moving back to Orange County, CA on September 22!

this has come to pass through a series of events and realizations but we couldn’t be happier and we couldn’t be more sad, either!

you see, we spent this past year here in Mexico City wondering if we’d ever love this place like we did our previous homes in different countries.  we have been stretched beyond our normal capacities, been at the brink of giving up (many times), and have had our patience tested more than ever. . . yet, here we are now, preparing to move and feeling unexpectedly grateful for our time here.  we have made new lifelong friendships and have been transformed (for the better) — again.  we have experienced a taste of heaven in a place that once felt like purgatory.

we have witnessed miracles here, especially in our team’s work against Human Trafficking.  we were part of the final renovations in the safe house for young victims of trafficking when we first arrived and have since been doing life with the house’s first 5 girls in the last 5 months.  we have seen life change happen week to week at The Well in conjunction with many painful setbacks and obvious spiritual attacks.

we helped build and develop a cafe in Coyoacan, a key public square in Mexico City where people from all walks of life intersect.

we facilitated the first Justice NOW in Mexico City to mobilize local churches to get involved in the fight against Trafficking.  450 people came out to the inaugural gathering, many made decisions to volunteer and give of their time and resources to make a difference.  an army was raised and darkness was pierced, so much so that the darkness tried to make an audible peep that night in the form of extremely inappropriate noise . . .which we now consider affirmation of our work.  the light was too much to handle and this audible manifestation was a desperate last-second attempt to try to ruin whatever good was taking place.  pretty amazing stuff (ask me about it)!

our view on Church and working in a vocational capacity at church was in some ways renewed and affirmed during our time here.  which leads to why and how we’re coming back to Southern California.

last winter, we made a visit to California during the holiday season and had some important conversations about our calling. i began to think about my calling.  what was it?  i thought at one point it was music and vocational ministry.

and at the end of the day, it still is.

around May of this year, i started to come back around to the thought of my calling, which is very much related to gifting, passion and energy matrix (FLOW, baby).  i realized that i am one of the few (and together, many) people around the world who are actually made to do music within and through a ministerial context.

i am going to rejoin the staff at Newsong Irvine and this time i am doing so with:

  • a greater sense of confidence that this is indeed who i am and where I’m supposed to be
  • a perfect knowledge of the fact that i am also not limited by my vocation.  the sky is the limit.
  • a realization that this is what i want, what gets me excited, and where i’m most effective
  • the conclusion that my time in Mexico was necessary in order to bring me to this place of complete assurance and maturity
  • a determination to grow and get “better” at what I already feel I’m good at
  • the resolve that justice work and “missional” living will always be what we do no matter where we are.  it’s who we are.
  • and more . . .

Another key component of our move this time is this:

for the first time ever in our marriage, we have a sense of peace in putting our roots down and building a home in a place for longer than 2 years!  we are so incredibly excited for what’s to come!

thanks for reading and continually journeying with me and my family!