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my latest song: “Hey”

hey dudes…

please do me a favor and pump this up on your head phones.  reason being, the quality SUCKS and you’re just gonna dismiss this song in the first few seconds unless you stick it out with some headphones turned up!  (also, i need a haircut and i look like a bum so you may be better off minimizing the window as well when you listen.)

another favor… if you like the tune, please feel free to spread it AND let me know what you think below.  as you know, i don’t get paid for my songs so the only “currency” that flows in this economy are words.  yours are precious to me.  THANKS!

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wrote this one on 11.12.09.  Thanks for giving the ghetto-fab production a chance!  just doing the best with what i got!


on behalf of MYSELF… i’m sorry… and then I’m not

ok, so i’m not in the business of making apologies but perhaps i should start looking for ways to make money off of them!  i’d be rich and i can finally buy that personal basketball gymnasium i always dreamed of!

my last post (please read the comments at the end of it) seems to have brought up a slew of different emotions, mostly from my Asian-American bros and i’m under the impression that i need to re-establish credibility with my next-of-kin.  my more-outspoken bros have not said anything i don’t know already… they have merely reminded me of the importance of speaking out when things are wrong or messed up.  they also made it a point to let me know that all-encompassing apologies are not cool.  point taken.

i’m still a firm believer in working harder to build bridges than in publicly attacking the perpetrator(s) but that’s just me.

so here goes.  this post is for everyone to read and learn and for my Asian friends to know that i’m not some idiotic, naive, over-simplistic sell-out! (my words but i know some of you probably thought this in the deep recesses of your soul).  i have suffered a great deal of pain and expressed my own share of anger and have asserted (although sometimes over-reactively) actions in the area of racism and race-relations that were deserved but maybe un-constructive at times.  my wife will be the first to tell you that i pull the RACE CARD way too often to the point where the card has pretty much been relegated to a piece of lint in my pocket.  so for me to write the kind of “apologetic” post that i wrote in my last entry is actually somewhat of a miracle and you’ll see how i came to such a place.

here, i list a few experiences that should make EVERYONE a little angry but i hope that more than the emotions, we can collectively start to care more about this issue and work harder to listen, learn, apologize, fight (healthy style) and ultimately, build bridges (or repair broken, hurt, burnt ones):


on behalf of my asian kin-folk… i’m sorry

i’ve been meaning to write  a post on this for a very long time and in light of the Deadly Viper controversy, i can’t put this off any longer.

at the risk of sounding like a complete sell-out, I want to apologize on behalf of the Asian-American community for the following:

  • for being ultra-sensitive to anything remotely, potentially, and inadvertently racist
  • for criticizing mono-cultural organizations, churches and conferences without offering practical solutions and room for common ground to be reached.
  • for being passive-aggressive (can’t help that as much)
  • for stinky food (kimchi is actually really good considering it’s another word for “strangely edible rotten cabbage”)
  • for choosing to operate in our own silos and enclaves without much of an effort to integrate, collaborate and procreate (actually, this last bit is definitely taking place so scratch that).

These things being said, i do want to ask the non-Asian (particularly my white brothers and sisters) community for a few essential pieces in our on-going social dialogue: