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can you handle MY uncertainty?

i just read this great post by my friend Mike Foster over at People of the Second Chance.  He talks about how we all love to hear and share stories with perfect, beautiful endings but the truth is that life is almost never that way.  i completely agree.



the importance of holding on to dreams…loosely

it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and I have several reasons for this: 1) i’ve been really busy figuring out what to do with my life, 2) i’ve been spending precious blogging time on Lakers basketball, Mad Men, NBC Thursday night comedies, Grey’s Anatomy (with the wife, I swear), and occasionally picking my nose– all in that order, and 3) haven’t been particularly pumped about my last few posts.  i wanted to come back with a vengeance.

to explain reason #1 listed above, i am in the middle of a crucial period in my life (exciting and scary) and rather than detailing that on this blog, i’d rather share my developing views on dreams.

i hope we all have dreams– aspirations, hopes, goals, etc.  There was a time when my dream(s) were clear as day and I thought nothing would make me happier than achieving them.

then a few things happened.  i got married.  I had a son.  i got comfortable with living in the safest and cleanest city in the world, and working a “job” that i enjoyed and came relatively easy to me.  i began to settle. i lost my edge.  i thought i was living out my dreams because i had achieved a level of comfort and predictability that met my family’s standards.  besides, i was living this life doing what i thought was “God’s work” and getting paid well below living-standards for the city in which i lived. in my opinion, i was living a meaningful, simple, and humble life.

i realized that dreams can change and it’s ok.  more often than not, our dreams come true in ways we’d least expect and that’s why we need to hold dreams loosely.  everything i do can be a step toward realizing my dream but it’s only when i hold my dream loosely that this can occur.

i settled early because i thought i achieved my dream.  i then realized that in some ways, my dream was too small and in other ways, too focused.

for now, i think it’s ok if i say that my dream is to change the world.  crazy, broad and big?  yes.  easy to achieve?  no.  how will i accomplish this?  i have no idea.  but i do know that i love people, i love music, i love creativity, and i love witnessing life-change.

i love recalibrating with this Proverb (16:9) – “in his heart a man plans his course but the Lord determines His steps”… I can dream all I want but it may not always take the shape I envision.  when I hold my dream loosely, I’m not saying that my dream is any less important or that i don’t want it as bad.  I’m essentially surrendering my exclusive picture of the dream and i’m leaving it open to interpretation, recognizing the moments when my dream is another step closer to realization.