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one of my ugliest pictures ever

everyone’s taken a photo or two (or hundred) that they’re not proud of.

don’t know about you but i have enough incriminating photos to put myself in the running for one of America’s Top Un-Models.

but before you look, let me give you some words to chew on as you scroll down towards the picture:


street cred – why don’t we care more about it?

Street Cred – no one’s ever born with it… You earn it!

Recently I realized a new “greatest fear” after hearing this chilling statement dropped by Erwin McManus at the Unleashing Beauty conference in Irvine, CA last week (and I paraphrase):

“the more popular you become in the Church world, the less credible you become with the world at large”

I don’t know if that scares you church leaders but that freaks the crap out of me!

If we’re honest, many of us don’t mind the “popularity” that comes with increased influence in the Church realm– besides, the pay is not that great, our home lives are taking hits daily, why not take whatever perks come our way?  If the “perk” happens to be increased popularity, then so be it!   (more…)

what’s the riskiest thing you’ve done?

a little while ago, my  man @davegibbons tweeted something that went like this:  “In today’s time of crisis, the safest thing to do is to be risky and the riskiest thing is to be safe.”

never did this ring true more than it does for me now.

this weekend, my wife and i decided to take the biggest risk of our lives and let me tell you that it is both the scariest and most exciting feeling in the world!

it’s a bit premature for me to share what we did exactly so in the mean time, i thought it would be cool to hear YOUR stories of what risks you took  and the things that came out of them (lessons, results, stories, money, etc)!

Please share!  What’s the riskiest thing you ever did?