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these are a few of my unfavorite things: defeating the purpose of eating at Souplantation

Healthy living is a very interesting thing.  On one hand, you have a movement of people who are striving to live a healthier lifestyle by eating right, exercising, and reading up on every trendy diet that seems to emerge every few months.  On the other hand, you have a majority of people who just don’t give a crap.  You see the convergence of these two groups at a friendly “healthy” destination named “Souplantation” (check your local Yellow Pages for the location nearest you).  If you go to Souplantation on any given day you will see the 2 distinct groups of people I mentioned above with a sad 3rd group I will spend most of this entry talking about: those who pretend to be healthy and continuously defeat (or basically destroy) the purpose of eating at Souplantion.


these are a few of my unfavorite things: “The Bible-Teaching Church”

  • disclaimer: whenever I write these kinds of potentially controversial posts, please keep in mind that these thoughts are my own and do not reflect anyone else’s!  I am not aiming to offend or demean anyone or any organization.  I welcome your thoughts and responses but please don’t try to start a fight with me on this website.  Please.  Since we’re on the topic of the Bible, let me just say for the record that I believe in the authority and complete validity of Scripture.  It should be read, studied, meditated-on, memorized, etc. but most importantly, applied.  A heretic or renegade is something I am not so please spare those types of reactions.  Heed the words of a classic song: “free yo’ mind. . . don’t be so shallow!”*


the WORD is in yo face!

the WORD is in yo' face!

As you may already know, there are many things about religion, “Christianity,” and church that really irk, disturb, and annoy me.  (You can read about some of these in my Imaginary Interview with Bono” post.)  Some of you may see this as an issue given that I work at a church as a worship pastor, but let me assure you, I am still passionate about what I do and I love Jesus and people with all my heart.  I want to be a part of the solutions while calling things out for what they are.  Thanks for allowing me the chance to vent some of my frustrations and pet peeves, a series of entries I will call “these are a few of my unfavorite things”.


updated american idol power rankings – motown madness!


welcome back!  it was a pretty action-packed week, was it not?  On Monday, Korea decides to pitch to Ichiro and loses their rights to DokDo Island (not really but wouldn’t that have been a great prize to play for?).  Super heart-breaking loss on many levels.  Barack steals the show on Tuesday so let’s put him at #1 for that day but as far as the Wednesday show goes, the rankings for sure have shifted.  I’ll save you a commercial break by letting you know that my #1, Matt Giraud, has not moved in this week’s ranking and it doesn’t look like he will move ever for reasons I explain in the feature below.  However, I have a new last place person (for one week only… Scott Mac, you’re still my guy) so you’ll have to read to see who that is!  If this is your first time to my site, you may want to check out my first round of power rankings to get a better idea of what this is about as well as the next one to get caught up.

before I move on, let us mourn the unexpected yet expected loss of Alexis “hopelessly fallen out of” Grace at the hands of American voters who. once again, wasted their votes on the likes of Michael Sarver and Scott MacIntyre!  I don’t care how “well” those two perform.  In my eyes, they will never do anything right.  Unfair?  I know, but such is the life of show business.  

I don’t know about you but I enjoyed this Motown episode WAYYY more than the Country debacle from last week.  Smoky Robinson was a better coach– either that or the artists voices fit this genre better.  (Perhaps we’ll go with the latter supposition)  The judging was a little better but Paula was Paula (surprise) and her drawn-on mustache from Simon was classic, yet juvenile.  Is it just me or do they have a Jr. High romance going on?  I swear, at one point it looked like Paula had her hand on Simon’s lap and they’re constantly touching each other under the guise of mutual loathing . . . but it’s looking more like they love each other and it’s pretty gross.  

Well, on to this week’s top 10.  I already told you who’s number 1, but who’s number 10?  I think you may know that as well . . . 

the top 10:


1.  Matt Giraud (previous rank: 1)

matt_giraud_210x202  don’t be blinded by your unwavering loyalty to Danny Gokey.  Matt is proving week after week that he is a star in the making, and although I won’t go as far as saying that he’s blowing away the competition, he is more of a complete package than anyone else in this lineup.  As long as he stays away from “Viva la Vida”, I think Matt will be riding this #1 slot for the rest of the season.  I must say it was a bit uncomfortable when Kara Dioguardi showed her appreciation for Matt’s performance by saying “yeahh. . . let’s get it oOoN!”  In any case, anybody who can pull off a fresh performance of Marvin Gaye and get props from Smokey is a friend of mine and a seemingly immoveable fixture at #1.  


5 movies you must see (again) with a new lens – #3. CARS

Note: You may want to read my intro on this topic first.  

Disney Pixar films are generally enjoyable, excellent, and… ethereal (I needed to keep on with the alliteration).  That being said, I think “Cars” is one of the more underrated of the Pixar collection, probably because it it is not only an animated feature (which almost always brings the “maturity” and credibility factor down in adult’s eyes) but also it is a movie about talking cars… how very unrealistic!  So imagine my surprise when this movie jacked me up as I watched it on one of my international flights.  I almost needed to break down in my seat but I have this commitment to never cry in movies which I have kept except on a couple occasions, but I’ll share more on that later.  This movie has so many great lessons and easily overlooked principles, it puts Mr. Miyagi to shame!


Idol Poll


In any case, who’s your American Idol?