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My time in California is very limited because we are moving out of the country in Mid-June 2010.  That being said, I intend to make the most of what we have here.  Here’s my musical performance (and worship leading) schedule from now until June.

April 25, Sunday – Newsong Irvine (3 Services)

May 2, Sunday – Newsong Irvine (3 Services)

May 9, Sunday – Newsong Irvine (3 Services)

May 11, Tuesday – Alta Coffee Shop Songwriter’s Showcase, Newport Beach (20 Minute Set, 8:20 PM)

May 13, Thursday – Urban Youth Workers Institute’s annual conference (Night Session) – 7 PM

May 16, Sunday (Speaking) – Newsong North Orange County (2 Services)

June 6, SundayNewsong Irvine (3 Services) *This will be our last time leading in California for a while!*

June 15, Tuesday – Depart for Mexico City

January 2, Sunday – Newsong Irvine (3 services)

January 5, Wednesday – It’s A Grind Coffeehouse, Laguna Hills – Concert w/ Matt Shockley

2 responses

  1. Angela Seong

    Hey Mr. and Mrs. Kim… what a beautiful video the Idea Camp is. So sorry I couldn’t be there in person to view the amazing-ness. 🙂 It was wonderful… great job on your site. I will be tuned in!! Your thoughts won’t go unheard in the enormous internet world. Say hello to your beautiful wife and give Micah a huge kiss!!!

    March 11, 2009 at 7:40 pm

  2. David Park

    These are wonderful songs I never seen before.
    I am the pastor park of Namgajoo Fellowship Church.
    I think that you have a great talent on leading worship.
    I am here with your dad and mom.
    If you have time, could you meet our family with together?

    August 31, 2009 at 2:11 pm

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