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INVICTUS – you convict us…

i just saw INVICTUS and thought it was a good movie. here’s  a few of my quick takeaways from the film (no real spoilers here so i think you’re safe if you didn’t see it yet!):



5 movies you must see (again) with a new lens – #5. NACHO LIBRE

Please read the introductory entry before you read below!  



what you may have liked about it: Jack Black plays a Jesuit Priest named Ignacio (aka, Nacho), who has aspirations of stardom as a wrestler (Luchador) in the Mexican underground Lucha Libre circuit.  He speaks in a very inconsistent and bogus Mexican accent throughout the movie and has a malnourished sidekick aptly named Esqueleto.  It’s freakin hilarious and hits a comedic and memorable peak when Nacho pens a song for his love interest, “Encarnacion”– pure genious.   (more…)