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my first song upon the return from BKK

i randomly came across this video when i was browing youtube.  forgot it was uploaded.  it was the first song i wrote along with my friend Caleb Whang in 2007 and it’s called “Miracles”.  Can’t believe it’s been over 2 years since this one.

i believe 2010 is the year of miracles.


thanks to MLK, I too, Have a Dream

i have a dream

that one day, people of our nation would go beyond semantics and cliches

that they would learn that the phrase “color blind” is not as politically correct as it seems

that we would learn to celebrate our differences and unique fingerprints

that we would really listen and linger, not merely settle and gloss-over

i have a dream

that people will start walking around like they have a pair

that they would get over themselves

without fear or trepidation

take risks in greater, monumental acts of faith

finally go after those buried dreams and let failure be a part of their flavor


in light of slavery prevention month

i shared my song “Unleash Your Beauty” on this blog a couple months ago and at the time it was performed acoustically at the Conference we hosted at Newsong.

As President Obama has declared this month the “National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month”, i thought i’d post the live full-band version of this song from a couple weeks ago.  As always, I have to apologize for the sound-mix and would like to ask you to listen with grace.  I was also having a bad-hair day (or bad hair life rather) and i assure you that i’m a little more handsome in person ;).

this is a song about what happens when we lay down our lives for the poor and the enslaved. enjoy!



most of us (if we’re honest) actually like being busy.  that’s right.  we can complain all we want about the gazillion emails we have to check and feign the dread we feel upon a glance at our packed schedules — but the truth is, we probably would have it no other way.  sure, you can talk all you want about how badly you need a vacation and take the occasional day off to refuel but it’s probably hard to unplug for too long.

that’s because we’ve all been programmed to value productivity over anything else.

productivity gives us a sense of meaning, like we’re actually doing something worthwhile with our lives.

we’ve been programmed like robots to work till kingdom come and all the while, we’re losing sight of what’s truly important: fruitfulness.  Translation: things that last.

we mistake busy-ness for productivity and productivity for the meaning of life.

what does fruitfulness look like today?  in a word, relationships.  in another word, memories.

is your life yielding meaningful relationships and memories?

at the end of the day these are the things that last.  if you’re too busy being “productive,” i can almost promise you that you’re missing out on the greatest joys in life.  nothing wrong with hard work but some of us need to make a change.

when you look back on your life, i doubt you’re gonna fondly remember all the hours you spent on your emails or the great meetings that you led.  you’re going to remember things that made you laugh, cry and joyful all over.  you’re going to remember the times you put someone before something.

what do i want on my tombstone? pepperoni and sausage.  but when i die, give me: “a man who was consumed with love”