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don’t hate, participate. the michael vick saga

unless you are the world’s #1 sports hater (and you have the uncanny skill of dodging any sports news that comes your way), you have heard the name Michael Vick and know that this NFL quarterback spent the past 2 years in jail because of his involvement in a dog-fighting ring and the subsequent inhumane treatment of the animals.  in a country like Korea, this is fine–especially since dogs are eaten with a side of kimchi and rice (i never tried this and i never will).  in this mighty country of the United States however, this is completely unacceptable, despicable and reprehensible.  jail time deserved.

Michael Vick was recently released from prison and announced that he would be attempting a comeback to the NFL with the conditional blessing of NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell.  after much controversy and mixed feelings around the country about this reinstatement, Vick recently inked a new contract with the Philadelphia Eagles and thus the comeback trail begins.

many people at this present time are protesting the return of Michael Vick.  the animal rights people feel that Vick should pretty much be shipped off to the moon, the hardcore Eagles fans are furious that their beloved team would make such a “stupid” move, and NFL people are hating the surge of press and distractions Vick is creating on the eve of the new season.

i’ve been watching Sports Center the past couple days and even in the midst of so much controversy, what I’m seeing is actually quite beautiful and inspiring.  let me outline some of the themes I’m seeing out of the events of this past week:



don’t forget about LOVE

a good friend of mine tells a story of a time when he was on staff at a mega church on the west coast.  They were having a strategic planning meeting and the pastor in charge posed the question, “what are the essential qualities of a leader?” Many things were said and were being written on the board.  Good things I’m sure, like strategic, bold, charismatic, wise, and above-reproach

my friend was dozing off when the pastor called on him and asked “JOHNDOE, What about you?  What do you think?”  Flustered yet sincere, my friend answered with “umm… loving?” to which the rest of the staff began to chuckle.  His answer of “loving” was reluctantly written on the board but it might as well have been written off completely.  Not quite the strategic answer the staff was looking for.