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you thought it was over. my album. available on iTunes. NOW

I announced last week that online sales of my album have ceased for the time being but today I bring to you this bit of news:

The First is now available on iTUNES as well as over a dozen other digital platforms!

What’s more?  It is now only $5

IF you for some reason were hesitant on spending a measly few bucks on my hard-copy edition, I hope the lower-priced digital edition does the trick for you!

(For those of you who purchased the $7 + $1 for the hard copy, thank you SO much.  You are one of the few with the in-print versions and hope you are proud of it!)

International folks… this means you can now purchase the album as well!

PLEASE help me spread the word. I hope that having this album online enables the EP to reach the ears of many, many people.  If you like this CD, please spread the word.  I will be forever grateful to you!

CLICK the image below to get to iTunes!

Vote for your favorite song on the EP

Hey Friends,

many of you have heard the new EP and now I want to know, what’s your favorite song on the project?  Please just vote for one! Would also love any thoughts, reaction, or analysis you have on a specific song.  ALSO, please join my FACEBOOK PAGE for all things music and choose to “like” me.

if you could also help spread the word, it would be awesome.  i’m trying to move as many units as I can to help raise the needed support for our move to Mexico City on June 15!

So far, I’m amazed at the support for this project and I’m pleased to say that I’ve been sending copies to people all across the States, including Massachusetts, Virgina, Ohio, Delaware, DC, Illinois, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Arizona, and more!  Thank you so much!

Also, if you are in Southern California, you have one more chance to buy the album in person at Newsong Irvine this Sunday, June 13, 2010.  After that point, the future of my limited edition CDs is very uncertain.

NOTE:  My MUSIC is NOW available on iTunes!

And now, without further ado, the online poll.  Please chime in!