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how Christian cliches can help us understand Twitter


and i will make you fishers of men(?)

and i will make you fishers of men(?)

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty ashamed of the many clichés that we throw around in the Christian sub-culture.  Not only do they sound pretty lame but they keep us from being real people.  Check out this brilliant comedy spot by Michael Junior, a “Christian” comedian:

The latest rage these days is TWITTER.  If you’re not on Twitter, you’re either really old and out of touch with society (no offense) OR you’re one of those “I’m never going to conform to the trends of this world–Going against the flow, man!” types.  Regardless, you need to be on twitter because it is today’s cell phone… the longer you resist getting on board, the more out of touch and uncool you will be!  So get on twitter NOW and start following me and we can be friends!  

There are websites, blogs, phone apps, and daily news reports that feature Twitter and there has even been a 911 rescue that occurred through people’s tweets!  It’s crazy.  If you’re a blogger, chances are you’ve already written an entry or two about Twitter and how it is changing (or ruining?) your life.  

Well, I was thinking about some of the more common Christian cliches in the nomenclature and how they could be used to better understand TWITTER, which happens to have a subculture of its own.  Check out this list and let me know if you’d like to add any more:



updated american idol power rankings – the finale!

Forgive my lack of graphic design skills but I thought the Idol website did a great job of putting this photo together.  I was too lazy to try and cut out the link text beneath their names so forgive me if you tried to click the links to no avail!

The finale is here and tonight, the gauntlet is laid down.  I think there has been little mystery as to who the show wants to crown as the winner but the question is, do you believe in miracles?

Let me spoil my rankings for you before you click to read more: Kris Allen is number 1, Adam Lambert is number 2.

I am sad as my wife declared her endorsement for Adam Lambert last night.  It’s not as bad as my son growing up to tell me one day that he’s a Celtics fan (and when that day comes, I will spank him), but still, there is division in my house at the moment.

Let’s get to it, shall we?  Here we go!

The Top 2:


special american idol power rankings – the best of the reviews

Hey Guys!

So in celebration of the Idol finale that is taking place this week, I decided to dig through my archives to compile my favorite review of each contestant.  I’ve also put them in order of my preference, while placing the top 5 in their actual order.  Yes, Kris Allen is number 1!  Let me know if you agree or disagree with my selections!

Hope you enjoy!


updated american idol power rankings – and then there were 3


The great sausage fest of May 2009 kicked off last night and the boys didn’t disappoint– one of them just annoyed and screamed like he always does.  I was feeling Bono’s pain but more on that later. . .  

It’s going to be very interesting to see who goes home tonight.  Regardless of who it is, the result will be an incredible letdown for a huge chunk of the American population as I’m sure many have picked sides and have declared their loyalty to one of the 3.  Actually, if you’re like me, you may have declared that you would be down with anyone winning except somebody.  That person for me should be obvious to you all by now!  

whoever mixed the sound for the show last night might be fired when the producers review the show.  don’t know if you noticed but one of the background singers during one of Lambert’s songs sounded like she had brought a boost pedal for her microphone.  It’s as if she she made a decision to hijack the moment and like Nacho, wanted a “taste of the glory!”  Pretty funny but annoying stuff.

as this season is nearing a close, the best news is that “So You Think You Can Dance” will debut very soon… May 21 to be exact!  If you haven’t watched this show, you have to.  as much as I enjoyed watching Idol this past year, SYTYCD is actually the purer, more inspiring show in my opinion.  It’s not as bogged down by ratings, marketing, and biased judging.  Can it be anymore clear who the Idol judges want on the winner’s platform next week?  Sickens me!

The Top 3:


the intangibles of inspiration


where does it come from?  thought i’d give you my list of the 5 intangibles of inspiration and you could give me your thoughts of agreement, disagreement, hatred, or all of the above.  Deal?  I’d love to get your list of 5 as well.