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INVICTUS – you convict us…

i just saw INVICTUS and thought it was a good movie. here’s  a few of my quick takeaways from the film (no real spoilers here so i think you’re safe if you didn’t see it yet!):

  • we are never at 100% in sports or in leadership.  the truth is, we are all playing “hurt” and we can’t always wait till we’re 100% to get on the field– or else, we may never play.  it’s part of the burden of being a hardcore rugby player… and leader.
  • don’t underestimate the power of taking time to learn and remember a person’s name. seems small but it’s one of the first steps toward trust and friendship.  if you saw the film, you probably remember this scene.  (side note: i hate it when i “meet” a person for what seems like a hundred times before they finally decide to make room in their brain for one more name and face– but then again, I’m sure i do this too!)
  • radical forgiveness catches the world’s attention. Mandela spent 30 years in prison and upon his release from captivity was ready to forgive the very people who placed him there.  he then made it his life mission to unite and reconcile a divided nation.  talk about being a bridge person!
  • your values are reflected in who you choose to have on your team.  Nelson Mandela’s dream was to unite a racially-divided people.  He recognized that the first step toward this dream was by embracing equality and diversity on his own team.  His staff was made up of black and white men and women, his security team (those responsible for his life) were made up of black and white men.  he wouldn’t have been able to achieve reconciliation unless his inner circle reflected this value.
  • gratuitous slow-motion clips of sweaty, grunting men can make for a scene that’s high on the unintentional comedy scale… just a note for ya, Clint.

Whatever your opinion of the movie was, i think it’s good to debrief some of the practical lessons you might otherwise miss from a piece that’s pretty heavy on great principles to live by.

i know i didn’t exhaust the list.  would love to hear your thoughts.

my next post is gonna be a bold one entitled, “How to Watch a Movie”.  Stay tuned!


One response

  1. roanyong

    Hi Daniel,

    Yes, I agree with you. Invictus is indeed a good movie. Here is what I think about the film:

    September 7, 2010 at 7:51 am

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