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in light of slavery prevention month

i shared my song “Unleash Your Beauty” on this blog a couple months ago and at the time it was performed acoustically at the Conference we hosted at Newsong.

As President Obama has declared this month the “National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month”, i thought i’d post the live full-band version of this song from a couple weeks ago.  As always, I have to apologize for the sound-mix and would like to ask you to listen with grace.  I was also having a bad-hair day (or bad hair life rather) and i assure you that i’m a little more handsome in person ;).

this is a song about what happens when we lay down our lives for the poor and the enslaved. enjoy!



the unleashing beauty global leadership conference

On OCTOBER 10, 2009 I will be taking part in a 1-day leadership event hosted on the Newsong Irvine campus that will probably change the world.  That’s right!  I just said something really bold and let me go even further by taking out the “probably” and state that this conference WILL change the world.  Now that I have your attention, let me list out for you the reasons why YOU should be here too:

  • It’s completely, 100% FREE.  (Let’s get the money excuse out of the way!)
  • It’s worth the drive, commute, flight (9 AM to 9 PM – that’s 1 packed day!)
  • A couple amazing leaders will be throwing down some wisdom (Dave Gibbons, Erwin McManus)
  • When was the last time you saw THREE incredible churches put aside their own agendas to collaborate for ONE amazing conference?  (Mosaic, Newsong and New Hope representin’!)
  • When was the last time a conference was really focused on LOVING and DOING something with our knowledge rather than simply LEARNING and getting fat like a intellectual/spiritual couch potato?
  • Music will probably be unlike anything you’ve heard!
  • Find out how you can be an agent of unleashing beauty wherever you are in life, whatever you do!
  • and yes, I heard a rumor that Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit will be there.  Can’t forget that headlining act… ever!

For more information, go check it out for yourself on and make sure you register (FOR FREE) online at

A few weeks ago, I wrote a song called “Unleash Your Beauty” and shared it at Newsong.  Hope, if anything, this is the final thing that inspires you to join me and many others at this life and world-changing, 1-day, FREE conference!

“Unleash Your Beauty” – the complete song

hey friends,

almost 2 weeks ago, i shared my song in progress “Unleash Your Beauty”.  At the time it was just the chorus and bridge but at the bidding of my friend Sam Song, I finished the tune in the next couple days and shared it that same week at Newsong on Sunday.  here’s the live, complete version– acoustic style.  hope you like.  excited to share my process and progress with you.  thanks for listening.