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we’re moving again. thank you mexico. getting ready for The OC.

**this post is to inform those of you who have been journeying with us this past year and to avoid confusion going forward!**

we are moving back to Orange County, CA on September 22!

this has come to pass through a series of events and realizations but we couldn’t be happier and we couldn’t be more sad, either!

you see, we spent this past year here in Mexico City wondering if we’d ever love this place like we did our previous homes in different countries.  we have been stretched beyond our normal capacities, been at the brink of giving up (many times), and have had our patience tested more than ever. . . yet, here we are now, preparing to move and feeling unexpectedly grateful for our time here.  we have made new lifelong friendships and have been transformed (for the better) — again.  we have experienced a taste of heaven in a place that once felt like purgatory.

we have witnessed miracles here, especially in our team’s work against Human Trafficking.  we were part of the final renovations in the safe house for young victims of trafficking when we first arrived and have since been doing life with the house’s first 5 girls in the last 5 months.  we have seen life change happen week to week at The Well in conjunction with many painful setbacks and obvious spiritual attacks.

we helped build and develop a cafe in Coyoacan, a key public square in Mexico City where people from all walks of life intersect.

we facilitated the first Justice NOW in Mexico City to mobilize local churches to get involved in the fight against Trafficking.  450 people came out to the inaugural gathering, many made decisions to volunteer and give of their time and resources to make a difference.  an army was raised and darkness was pierced, so much so that the darkness tried to make an audible peep that night in the form of extremely inappropriate noise . . .which we now consider affirmation of our work.  the light was too much to handle and this audible manifestation was a desperate last-second attempt to try to ruin whatever good was taking place.  pretty amazing stuff (ask me about it)!

our view on Church and working in a vocational capacity at church was in some ways renewed and affirmed during our time here.  which leads to why and how we’re coming back to Southern California.

last winter, we made a visit to California during the holiday season and had some important conversations about our calling. i began to think about my calling.  what was it?  i thought at one point it was music and vocational ministry.

and at the end of the day, it still is.

around May of this year, i started to come back around to the thought of my calling, which is very much related to gifting, passion and energy matrix (FLOW, baby).  i realized that i am one of the few (and together, many) people around the world who are actually made to do music within and through a ministerial context.

i am going to rejoin the staff at Newsong Irvine and this time i am doing so with:

  • a greater sense of confidence that this is indeed who i am and where I’m supposed to be
  • a perfect knowledge of the fact that i am also not limited by my vocation.  the sky is the limit.
  • a realization that this is what i want, what gets me excited, and where i’m most effective
  • the conclusion that my time in Mexico was necessary in order to bring me to this place of complete assurance and maturity
  • a determination to grow and get “better” at what I already feel I’m good at
  • the resolve that justice work and “missional” living will always be what we do no matter where we are.  it’s who we are.
  • and more . . .

Another key component of our move this time is this:

for the first time ever in our marriage, we have a sense of peace in putting our roots down and building a home in a place for longer than 2 years!  we are so incredibly excited for what’s to come!

thanks for reading and continually journeying with me and my family!



A Small Glimpse into the Slave Trade

for security reasons, i did not take any pictures yesterday but found these available on the web

**DISCLAIMER** – This post is not meant to paint Mexico or the people of this country in a bad light.  This is purely a commentary on the unfortunate and heinous nature of sex trafficking and those subjected to the pandemic.  Please take note that injustice such as what I am about to describe occurs the world over and is not exclusive to Mexico.  Please love and pray for Mexico and its people.


La Merced is the center of prostitution in Mexico City.  On my family’s first visit to this city last December, my friend Benny took a wrong turn on our way to a tourist spot and accidentally gave us a drive-by tour of the area.  What I saw that day drew some uncanny parallels to the story I heard behind Drew Brees’ recruitment by the New Orleans Saints football team a few years ago.

In his first tour of the city, Drew Brees accidentally bore witness to the destruction of Hurricane Katrina when coach Sean Payton took a wrong turn.  Payton’s intention was to show Brees all the best and attractive areas of New Orleans.  (Oops!)  I’m sure at that point, the coach thought he screwed up his chances of landing the coveted free agent quarterback but as the story goes, Drew and his wife could not deny a sense of calling they had to move to New Orleans.  After witnessing the destruction, Drew Brees knew that a move to New Orleans would be about more than just football.  This transition was about being a part of rebuilding a city.

My accidental tour of La Merced last year is part of what drove my family and I to make the move to Mexico City 6 months ago in what may turn out to be a 2 year commitment.  We witnessed the destruction from a car and felt a calling to help “rebuild” a city with our hands and feet on the ground.  What did we see that day?  A street full of prostitutes scattered along every few feet or so in the bright light of day.

For the first time since moving to Mexico City, I was able to take a very intentional tour of La Merced yesterday with Benny on foot.  To say that my eyes were opened would be an understatement.

Though the area is just 30 minutes away by subway from where we live, La Merced felt like an entirely different country.  Each nook and cranny of the street was packed with merchants selling every kind of gadget, trinket, and snack and the congestion of foot traffic makes for a very typical big city experience.  One clear distinction however is that this street is home to over 1,000 prostitutes, many of whom are forced to stand and parade out in plain view of everyone in the middle of the day.

I don’t know if it was the street suadero tacos I just ate with Benny but I was on the verge of nausea the entire time.  I don’t know if it was the smoke emitted by the cars driving by but I couldn’t help but feel a heaviness and fatigue as we walked by each prostitute.  I never thought that such a place was possible and it’s hard to think that anyone could ever imagine a scenario such as what one sees in La Merced.

The place had a rather heavy police presence, which would normally mean that the law of the land is being carried out and the rights of people are being protected.  I felt sick to my stomach as I learned that these cops work harder to regulate on street merchants peddling wooden bookmarks rather than the pimps who parade the bodies of countless women against their will.  These law officials are paid off and turn a complete blind eye to the obvious evil in front of their eyes.

Within minutes of walking through La Merced, I couldn’t help but think about the United States pre-MLK when something as wrong as segregation and blatant discrimination was commonplace and “normal.”  It took a revolution to turn the tide on this norm and though the problem is far from solved, at least the average American now knows that discrimination is unacceptable, un-cool, and definitely not normal.

I realized that if we are going to be a part of the solution here, we need to get people to a place where they are enraged by this injustice and this type of thing should feel incredibly abnormal and outrageous.  It was shocking when it hit me that these prostitutes of mid-day were so commonplace that most people would simply walk by these women as if they were trees or street lights—normal fixtures.

Benny led me down an alley where there was another form of sale for men looking for sex.  I saw this scene in the movie “Trade” (starring Kevin Kline) where women walk around in a circle as a massive crowd of potential clients gather to view and select their “merchandise.”  To see this in real life was a shock and once again, the nonchalant and commonplace nature of this scene was appalling.  A female janitor pulled her trash bin right through the crowd of men and ring of women as she needed to access the dump.  There was no shock or anger in her voice as she said “con permiso” (excuse me) and walked straight through.  Once again, the normality of the scene in front of me was hard to digest.  Nausea.

a very accurate picture what i witnessed yesterday

Many of the women on the street were clearly mothers who have probably been forced into this trade in order to provide for their sons and daughters.  It is not uncommon to see women in skin-tight jeans, stilettos and cleavage-bearing blouses who also happen to be several months pregnant.  Of course there are many young girls on this street.  These girls are prostitutes but they are also someone’s daughter, sister, mother, wife, and child.  I did not observe a single genuine smile and most wore faces of deep pain and hopelessness.

My heart breaks and my mind is overwhelmed.  I told Benny that after this experience I am realizing that the issue is even bigger than I had originally thought… and I already knew that this was big.  Not only must we consider the girls, their pimps and their clients, but we must consider the fact that the government and law enforcement is in on this.  When we think about the prospect of rescue and intervention, we must think about how we can change culture to think differently about the issue.  The issue isn’t just apathy and corruption.  There is a real need to empower the general public to take the power we naturally have as human beings in order to stand for those who have had their dignity stripped from them.  “Power to the people.”

What can we do?  Are we wasting our time by thinking that our little chisels on this great mountain of injustice will provide any sort of real, lasting change?  Perhaps that is what Evil wants us to believe so that we simply give up and hope the problem just goes away somehow.  It takes audacity to believe that a whole system of wickedness can be overturned.  It takes a great deal of faith and a measure of insanity to think that a Goliath of slavery can be killed once more through measly stones launched from the hopeful slingshots of young activists.

I would much rather do something than nothing.  I think that’s what it will take.  If each person did something rather than nothing, I know we can bring global freedom once more.  It’s happened before.  We do what we can and then let God finish the work.

So what is the part we’re playing right now?  In addition to our rehabilitation safe house, we are in talks to start a women’s center right in the heart of La Merced.  Women who want to get out of the slave trade can simply walk in and start receiving the aide and information they need to live life as free people.  Benny and I are dreaming about and laying the groundwork for a global campaign we hope to launch some time next year.  We are engaged in the small as our sights are set on the big and grand.

Thank you for reading.  There is a part each of us can play in this battle.  What will it be for you?  What questions do you have?

Free Song Giveaway – WATER

Introducing the unofficial



According to

“Right now, almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s one in eight of us.
charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations. We use 100% of public donations to directly fund sustainable water solutions in areas of greatest need. Just $20 can give one person clean water for 20 years.”

Charity Water has no idea who I am but thought I’d take this moment to highlight a need as I undergo my own short-lived and minimal hardship without water.  Our lame apartment has been without H20 for 24 hours now and it absolutely stinks (literally) to not be able to cook, clean, pee, poo, shower, wash, and/or wipe.  I settled for a quick baby-wipe cleansing instead of my usual shower last night.  Unlike the parts of the world that suffer without any water, at least I have my 5-gallon jug of water to drink.

So… as we remember and consider our part to play in this worldwide need, I thought I’d give away one of my songs completely for FREE, right now, right here for a limited time.

Quite appropriately, it is titled “Water” and it is off my first and only EP.  Please download, enjoy, pass-on, and consider life without water… even if it’s for just a day or 2.  (fingers crossed the water here is activated soon!)

Download WATER (right click and save-as)