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More than a Korean Susan Boyle

If you have not seen Sung-Bong Choi’s story, please take a moment NOW to watch this Korea’s Got Talent clip:

I don’t have too many words to say except this: Wow.

We should know by now that the way a person looks has very little to do with the talents that they possess.

Even if you don’t believe in God, this has to be one of the few times you feel compelled to believe in a Divine Justice.

Unfortunately, the world does not operate under a perfect justice–

The rich get richer.  The poor get poorer.

Good things happen to evil people.  Horrible things happen to great people.

The Yankees win the World Series.

Heidi Montague and Spencer Pratt have fans.

Etc. Etc.

The story and voice of Sung Bong Choi grab me because I am seeing someone who is walking proof that Grace exists.  Yes, he has lived an unbelievably heart-wrenching life up to this point, but he has also been given a gift from the Hand of God Himself.

And he is making sure he doesn’t waste it.  This Grace is meant to be shared.

Keep singing, Sung Bong Choi.  You are obviously loved and you deserve every bit of the Divine Justice bestowed upon you.

What intrigues you about his story and voice? 


2 responses

  1. yeah this clips been flying off the facebook walls…

    yeah his talent doesn’t really match his looks…but what does that say about society?…wait what does that say about me? wait…what does this say about the producers of this show?

    anyways, i hope he is successful!

    June 7, 2011 at 12:49 am

  2. annyongbunny10

    wow that was just an amazing performance! His voice totally reminds me of Andrea Bocelli! ^_^

    I love his story too, no matter what happened in his life he never gave up on his dream of being a singer. who know’s maybe he’ll be the one to win the competition. ^^

    the only thing i worry about for him is that i hope no one tries to take advantage of him for his talent… =/

    other than that i wish him good luck, and wisdom to make the right choices during this time in his life.

    June 7, 2011 at 11:18 am

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