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First World Problems

Last week, I came across this brilliant post over at on First World Problems— a phrase I love because I feel it’s a euphemism for “complaints that make us sound like dumb, spoiled brats.”

According to the site:

If it’s a problem you can only have if you have money, we’ll feel bad for you for having the problem, and then feel guilty for having enough money to have the problem.

Let me give you some examples in case you’re against clicking on links:

“My HD TV takes too long to turn on.”

“The 3G connection on my iPad 2 was spotty on the train so I had to pause my Netflix movie for 2 minutes.”

“Ran out of brewed coffee.  Had to make myself instant.”

“My iPhone won’t let me upload pictures directly to Facebook right now.  So frustrating!”

“I ordered my steak medium rare and this is clearly medium.”

“Google chrome isn’t working so I had to use Safari to check my email.”

“The water pressure in my shower dropped last night so I had to draw myself a bath instead. It was scalding hot. And the jets wouldn’t work.”

I find these to be hilarious but sadly true.  I don’t know about you but I am reminded of how incredibly blessed and rich I am, especially in comparison to some of the real problems and hardships that most of the world have to deal with.  Of course, most of us get that “First World Problems” are not actually problems at all.  So then the question becomes, how do we turn these so-called “issues and problems” into a grander perspective that allows us to see and respond to the needs around us?

I can laugh now but it’s because I have made similar complaints in the past, and will probably continue to moan about other so-called problems that my brothers in Third World areas would roll their eyes at.

What about you?  What are some common “First World Problems” that you run into regularly?


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