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A Redundant Question, & a Racy Photo… of ME (fun Friday)

Thank you for reading my recent wave of blog posts as I try to write every day for a 40 day period.

After a week of so much serious business, I thought it would be appropriate to lighten the mood a little while opening your eyes to a different side of me.  You have been warned…

You see, I’m back in California this weekend for a really quick trip with my family– a final visa run before my wife gives birth in Mexico in mid-May — and it seems every time I’m back, people ask me the same exact question: “Did you lose more weight?!?!”

For most of you, such a question would make your day but for a person that’s already skinny, you might as well say: “What is wrong with you?  Your skinny body disgusts me!  You need to eat more, Skinny Bone Jones!”

My answer for now and forever more is, NO. No I did NOT lose weight, I DO not lose weight… and I do not want green eggs and ham.

Perhaps it’s just the tighter clothes I’m wearing.  Maybe you have gained weight.  But for the last time, I am not losing weight.

I have weighed the same for the last 10 years.  I am a picture of consistency.  How can I lose weight every time I’m away from you?  I’d be a shriveled corpse.

On our last trip back to California, a Korean lady actually said this to me and my pregnant wife: “Wow!  It looks like you need to eat more and your wife is eating everything.” (translated)

WHAT?!  Dang it, Korean people.  That’s the most creative, one-take, double-whammy insult on a couple I’ve ever heard in my life.

All that to say, I know it’s inevitable.  I’m going to get concerned questions again about my weight.  I need to brace myself.

But for the rest of you (who read my blog), I want you to look at the photo below and tell me who should be concerned (scroll down):

[WARNING: Partial Nudity]

[Full Disclosure]

[Potentially Alarming]

[Or is it inspiring?]

[I had give it all I got in this one]

[Here you go]

This is au-naturale, baby.  I eat well, I do my push-ups every morning and I’m healthy.  Let’s close this case, shall we?

(Sorry if you find this picture offensive.  Look on the bright side: you and I are that much more intimate now!)

Have a great weekend, folks and be nice to skinny people.


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