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Holy %$&^@! Is this your trump card?

NOTE: The implied expletive in my title actually says “Bible”

Ever have an argument or heated debate with someone only to have them bust out something that utterly kills your conversation?

For most couples, this comes in the form of a low blow, perhaps something from the past.  If you’re a dude, it’s usually something a woman says that is like a punch to the privates.  For a lot of people with some sort of faith background, it’s none other than: the Holy Bible.

When somebody says something like, “well it says in Hezekiah 5:4 that eating Chick Fil-A on Sunday is wrong,” it’s rather intimidating and hard to argue with.  “Well, if the Bible says so, I guess you’re right!  Off to Arbys then…”

But then you think for yourself a little bit and realize a couple things: 1) Chick Fil-A is never open on Sundays, 2) though the name sounds like it belongs, there is no book of Hezekiah in the Bible, 3) this conversation is far from over!

I don’t know if the Bible was ever meant to be used like an atom bomb to effectively end a war of words. If this were true, imagine what would have happened to JESUS himself when SATAN busted out the words of the Bible in the desert:

“You know what, Satan?  What you’re saying makes a lot of sense, especially because it’s written in the Torah.  I guess I WILL have that piece of rock toast before I take the leap off this here cliff.  When I reach the bottom, I’ll meet you there and I’ll bow to you Korean New Years style and you can give me my red envelope full of THE WORLD’s RICHES.”

The Bible is not a conversation ender.  It is a starter.  It is not your trump card though you may be tempted to use it as such.  As “clear” as certain things may seem in the text, there are just too many aspects that require a bit of interpretation.  Human interpretation. If you use it to be “right” and prove another “wrong,” the Bible provides you plenty of ammo to argue until Kingdom Come (literally).  What a waste of time.

I honestly think the best way to squash an argument is to agree that a lot of what is in debate is a matter of opinion and interpretation.  Nobody is 100% right or wrong.  It can’t be a black and white issue because very few things in life are.  The truth will surface as you live out the words on the side of love.

This is good news for all of us, whether you read the Bible or not.  This means that there is room for questions, for doubt, for dialogue and for healthy debates that last into the night.  This means that we don’t need to flex our muscles when we’re “certain” and cower when we’re not.  This means that we can function like normal human beings and not sound like idiots while attempting to sound wise.  This means that we can eat Chick Fil-A on Sunday without feeling guilty, especially because we visited the drive-through at 8 PM on Saturday and refrigerated the bad boy till now.  BOOM.

That is what God intended anyhow in Jebidiah 7:10 .  Don’t argue with me.

Have you ever thumped or been thumped on?


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