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When Rick Warren UNfollows You on Twitter (a true story)

(please note: this is just for fun.  not meant as an attack on “America’s Pastor.” chill and enjoy, please!)

(also note: the mutual unfollow is a true story)

When Rick Warren UN-follows You on Twitter (a TRUE story, an internal monologue):

  • Relax, it’s not the end of the world
  • Besides, I unfollowed him first right?  It’s only fair
  • But why would he care that I unfollowed him?  He has a bajillion followers
  • Yeah, that is a bit odd.  I’m actually sort of hurt by this
  • I mean, I know he’s only human but isn’t he like #6 behind the 1) Trinity 2) Abraham 3) Mother Teresa 4) King David and 5) Billy Graham in heaven’s power rankings?  He’s practically a modern-day apostle and Purpose Driven Life might be canonized in 100 years.
  • That’s huge.  Way to blow it, brosef. You just got unfollowed by the Lady Gaga of the spiritual leadership twittersphere.
  • Still though, he could’ve “turned the other cheek” and offered me his proverbial tunic by way of a twitter shout-out: “hey @dkdanielkim, you are an inspiration!”  That would have left burning coals on my head.
  • I guess Rick blew it, then.
  • Or… he probably doesn’t care, nor does he have the time.
  • But he had time to unfollow me back?
  • USHER - don't blow this friendship!


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