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30 Thoughts, Thanks on 30

I turn 30 years old today.

1.  HOLY CRAP! When did this happen?

2.  Beautiful 2 year old son.  Thank you.

3.  Beautiful wife who sets me straight.  Thank you.

4.  Beautiful DAUGHTER on the way in May of 2011.  Thank you, thank you!

5.  30 is the new 20?  Time will tell but at the first sign of back or knee failure, that expression is officially a hoax!

6.  Time to take up “new” hobbies:  Basketball, poker, and gadgets.  So what if they’re the same ones from my 20’s?

7.  Something I had very little interest in during my 20s but I’d like to accomplish in my 30s: Write a book.

8.  Never in my life have I felt so rich and poor at the same time as I do right now!

9.  But at the end of the day, I am rich.  Filthy rich.  Thankful.

10.  Did I think that by the age of 30, I’d have my own family?  Why yes.  Thankful that my inclination was honored.

11.  Did I think that by the age of 30, I would have had 2 separate, extended stints in different countries (Thailand, Mexico)?  Nope.

12.  Did I think that by the age of 30, I would have done something musically relevant?  Yes.  Which is why I dread getting older!

13.  I have to fight very hard not to get depressed on my birthday every year.  I don’t know why this is but it is an annual ritual.  Must. Keep. Fighting!

14.  Newsong.  Thankful for you

15.  How is it that I get to choose what clothes I want to wear each day?  Thankful.

16.  How is it that my wife and child wear such snazzy clothes, too?  Thankful.

17.  I have been able to make a different kind of “living” for a few years now.  Thank you.

18.  Nearly 80 birthday greetings on my Facebook wall… and it’s only 3 PM.  Thankful!

19.  My birthday this year was supposed to be donated toward the cause of anti-trafficking.  I will be working hard this next year to enable people from all around the world to donate their milestone birthdays to end slavery…

20. Bono, Kobe… look forward to having coffee with you guys some day.  We’d be great friends.

21.  Oh boy… what I would give to be 21 again.

22.  I have no regrets.  Thankful

23.  We shall overcome

24.  Free at last, free at last

25.  I have never been hungry, never been truly broke or bankrupt, never been deathly ill.   Never been more grateful.

26.  As much as I hate getting older, I suppose it’s time to embrace 30 head-on and live like it is awesome.  Because it is.

27.  I need to get better at asking questions instead of assuming I know or will find the answers.

28.  Emotionally and spiritually, I will be Forever 21.  What a great name for a clothing store.

29.  Thanks for reading this.

30.  Is the new… 30.


One response

  1. Happy birthday, Daniel. What a beautiful ode to your 20’s that so graciously handed you off to your 30’s. Such perceptive thank-you-ing. I’d like to know if this list came easily or if you had to think hard on it? Very inspiring post.

    December 29, 2010 at 3:14 pm

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