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the funny thing about compassion

We see it all over the place. It bombards us seemingly every time we surf the web, log onto facebook, glance at our tweets (or just the @-replies for you popular folk), check our email, turn on the TV, or walk to class.  We just can’t escape it!

What am I talking about?

You: “Sex, of course”

Yes that applies too, but right now I’m talking about things like COMPASSION, CAUSE, JUSTICE, CARE, ADVOCACY and any other buzz word you can throw into the mix.

I guess you can say that caring for people has suddenly become… TRENDY?

These days, we even see it in the clothes people wear.  You’re rockin’ a TWLOHA t-shirt, wrist lookin’ fly with a ONE campaign bracelet, and your feet look and feel sexy with the latest pair of TOMS shoes.  Your illuminant Apple logo is eclipsed by the One Days Wages sticker on your Macbook Pro (sorry Mr. Jobs).  For extra credit, you even got a photo of Scott Harrison tattooed unto your forearm for a potentially awkward but cause-driven conversation starter.

Some people look at this and refuse to buy into the “fad”It is perhaps in an attempt to keep it real and go against the grain.  You’ve never been known as the “giving or caring type” so to start now would seem like you’re a band-wagoner. Besides, you just joined the Laker train last year so your lifetime allowance of jumping on ONE band-wagon has been used-up, never to return. (good investment, by the way)

Well, this may or may not be news to you but this fad, trend, or whatever you want to call it is here to stay.

Poverty is not a fashion statement. “The poor will always be among us” is as true today as it was 2000 years ago.  The buying and selling of human beings is still wrong and unacceptable. People need to value African lives. Not everyone has access to a Sparkletts delivery man.  You get the idea…

What’s my point?

Whether from good motives or bad motives, by way of trend or out of  genuine care, the thing that matters is that something is being done about the issues involving the poor, the destitute, and the hopeless.

I’ve never been known as the “compassionate” guy or the “activist” type while I was growing up.  It wasn’t until recently that my heart (and actions) have been growing (and still growing) in this area.  Just ask my friends.

I realize that I may be speaking to just a few of you (maybe more!) but inaction in this area due to a resolve in ones heart to be anti-trendy is wrong.  Yes, I went there.  This is wrong.

Who cares about the hype? If the advent of technology and media increases the awareness of need, then so be-it.  If “cause paraphernalia” informs the world around me of issues otherwise unseen, awesome.

If helping people is COOL, why is this a bad thing?

Buy the hype.  As everyday, ordinary people we can make a difference.  Even if you’ve been voted “Most Unlikely to Care About People” by your senior class in high school, who cares?

Jump in.

Dealing with apathy?  Let’s save that conversation for another time…



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