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Book Review: Gracenomics

I just read the electronic version of Gracenomics by my friend Mike Foster in one sitting.  One sitting! That’s good news for us borderline ADD-having, multiple internet tab-browsing, I-hate-reading-books-confessing, students of life!

The entire book is under 70 pages but if you count all the cool pages of graphics and creative writing space, you’re actually doing less reading and more absorbing– which saves you time to actually start living out a life where GRACE is the currency you acquire and spend. What an idea!

Something that stood out to me right away was that this book seems like it was written for EVERYBODY in an all-inclusive style and that is something that is hard to achieve with a concept like grace.  Grace is clearly a common buzzword thrown around in church/religious circles but what I loved about Gracenomics is that it is 100% jargon-free.  I think even people like Kim Jong Il and Tila Tequila could read this book and think, “hmmm… I guess you’re right, Mike.”

I got to sit down with Mike several months back, shortly after his latest book at the time had been pulled off the bookstore shelves due to an unfortunate series of events.  It was a very chaotic time and he was transparent with me about the amount of pain and disappointment he was feeling.  The amount of internet banter and backlash with the entire episode was very reminiscent of a SCANDAL.  Everyone had an opinion, people were taking sides, and while many were proponents of peace, the Ugly had already made several guest appearances and the damage was done.

Fast forward to today.  Out of the pain, comes a new beginning.   How appropriate that Mike heads up People of the Second Chance, a grassroots SCANDAL of people who are declaring their allegiance and commitment to radical forgiveness and new beginnings.  Yes, the common word for something like this is “movement” but I love that Mike is challenging us to be a part of a SCANDAL instead.  Radical grace is scandalous because it isn’t what’s “normal” in today’s world and in it’s purest form, it disrupts the normal flow of the way things are.  Gracenomics has and will change the world.

Check it out!

Be on the lookout for the book to be released in October at the POTSC website.


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