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Reflections from Bangkok, Thailand

Greetings from Bangkok, Thailand.  This place is my home.  I just looked at my wife and kid who are sleeping next to me in my friend’s home and I am convinced that I am a rich man.  There aren’t 2 more beautiful people in the world than Sadie and Micah.

I’m writing this entry on my last night of staying in the “other” City of Angels.  The people here are amazingly wonderful and I don’t know if any other place in the world will ever love us as much as Bangkok does.  We are indebted to the people here.  My life is different because of this place and no matter what happens in my life, whether rich or poor, I am truly wealthy and no one can take my joy away from me.

Things have changed here but things are still good.  I learn what it means to live a simpler life, to love people and to value moments when I come here.  Human nature is that we long for things to stay constant, stable and predictable.  My family situation here in Thailand has changed, in unfortunate as well as beautiful ways.  I learn that we roll with punches, deal with pain and move forward with hope and even knowledge that things will turn for the better– and worse, and better again.

I am thankful for the seasons in life for without them, my life would be incredibly bland.  I am thankful for my friends out here who teach me a different way of looking at life.  I am thankful to my God for His favor on a life that is so undeserving, shallow and so incredibly stupid at times.

I feel that it’s been so long since I’ve really given till it hurts me.  I’ve been in a period and circumstance in which I’m having to receive and receive.  It’s difficult because I feel like such a freeloader, moocher, and dare I say, beggar.  I long for the day when I can give back a hundred-fold to the friends of mine who have given to me more than they could imagine.

I am blown away by generosity at the moment and I am flabbergasted by grace.  I am rich beyond words and not many would know this by looking at my bank account (which is embarrassing), but I declare today, I am blessed and I thank You for it.


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  1. live rich my friend for you have a rich father

    April 1, 2010 at 11:02 pm

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