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Ideas and Justice

it’s been too long since i posted but it’s not because i’ve had a shortage of things to write about.  it’s because i’ve been BUSY.  this entry will be brief so please don’t equate the length of this entry to how important i consider the issues discussed to be!

i just got back from Washington DC after taking part in The Idea Camp- Justice Edition with a lot of my heroes in the area of compassion work!  the biggest highlight of this weekend was probably meeting so many new friends and encountering great people doing great work all over!  twitter really helps facilitate my excitement by actually giving me a chance to keep in touch with my new batch of favorite people!  thank you, social media!

without further ado, here are some things I realized about IDEAS:

  • If movements are catalyzed by vision, great (divine) ideas give wings to the vision
  • Ideas are seldom complete after the “first take”.  Ideas need time to build and gain traction
  • The most powerful ideas are carried out in the midst of community.  The “no man is an island” phrase applies here!
  • We can’t underestimate the power of story when sharing an idea.  The more personal and meaningful it is to you, the more compelling your story.  Having an idea for the sake of having an idea seems kind of lame to me.  All the ideas that were highlighted at this conference had a deep stake in the hearts of those who were sharing.
  • When it comes to issues of JUSTICE, ideas are meaningless until action takes place.  there is no such thing as theory when it relates to compassion and advocacy.  you find out where you can fit into this grand picture, how you’re wired, and what your heart breaks for and you act.  simple yet extremely difficult, no?

There’s a lot more to this but these are some initial thoughts.  What about you?


2 responses

  1. DK,

    Great thoughts. I love the “wings” analogy. So true also that Ideas don’t often take the first time. What I’ve learned lately is the freedom and power that come when you release your vision, dream, or idea to others. So much more is waiting on the other side of those conversations.

    The flip side of that is you must consider Ideas are like comedy or fine wine – the timing of sharing is key to the enjoyment and acceptance.

    Michael Trent

    September 2, 2009 at 1:25 pm

  2. DK


    thanks for dropping by. Great point about the timing of sharing. It’s an art that requires our wisdom and creativity!

    I love the idea of releasing and seeing what comes from that. Innovation can hold us back when we’re merely in it for the credit!


    September 3, 2009 at 2:36 pm

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