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how Christian cliches can help us understand Twitter


and i will make you fishers of men(?)

and i will make you fishers of men(?)

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty ashamed of the many clichés that we throw around in the Christian sub-culture.  Not only do they sound pretty lame but they keep us from being real people.  Check out this brilliant comedy spot by Michael Junior, a “Christian” comedian:

The latest rage these days is TWITTER.  If you’re not on Twitter, you’re either really old and out of touch with society (no offense) OR you’re one of those “I’m never going to conform to the trends of this world–Going against the flow, man!” types.  Regardless, you need to be on twitter because it is today’s cell phone… the longer you resist getting on board, the more out of touch and uncool you will be!  So get on twitter NOW and start following me and we can be friends!  

There are websites, blogs, phone apps, and daily news reports that feature Twitter and there has even been a 911 rescue that occurred through people’s tweets!  It’s crazy.  If you’re a blogger, chances are you’ve already written an entry or two about Twitter and how it is changing (or ruining?) your life.  

Well, I was thinking about some of the more common Christian cliches in the nomenclature and how they could be used to better understand TWITTER, which happens to have a subculture of its own.  Check out this list and let me know if you’d like to add any more:


1.  “Blessed to be a blessing, brother!” 

that’s a good one right?  It’s actually a great mantra to live by but I don’t think I’ve ever said that in my life!  In any case, you can live this out in the Twitter world in many ways but particularly through your use of the RETWEET (RT, via) function when you re-post somebody’s tweet so that others can see the entry.  When you’ve been retweeted, you in essence have been blessed.  The only right thing to do then is to look to retweet others!  Don’t be selfish and keep the blessing to yourself, brother!  Imagine a world where retweets flowed like water.  The twitter world would be a much more generous and wonderful place…  


2.  “God is good (all the time!), and all the time (God is good!)” 

God is good indeed but if you want to be a real person, you’d better be able to back that statement up with a real account and don’t  just make a pat statement!  This is a go-to phrase for every worship leader and pastor who just needs to fill the space or would like to get a response out of an otherwise dead crowd.  Bad call!  Same thing goes with twitter.  Don’t be tweeting for the sake of tweeting and fill up space. And while we’re at it, don’t be tweeting these cliches either (unless you truly mean it and you have a reason for saying it)!


3.  “We have to spread the good news (aka, the gospel)!  We’re called to make disciples!”

Most of us know what this means but I believe there are ways to communicate this without sounding like a thumper!  “Discipleship” happens on twitter especially through the #followfriday routine that occurs on… Fridays.  Follow Friday is a time where people tweet about other people they’re following, suggesting others to do the same because they’re cool, influential, funny, or just plain because.  It’s pretty cool but most of us may never be a part of a #followfriday tweet because the whole “rich get richer” principle seems to play out in the Twitter world as well–I see the same “popular” people get referred week after week but that’s a whole other matter…


4.  “It’s not about me, it’s ALL about Him”

Once again, a very true statement that we agree with and struggle with (if we’re really honest) but it’s very difficult to make Twitter a non-self-serving tool.  Sometimes (once again, if we’re honest!), we use Twitter to show off what we’re doing, what we bought, who we know, who we’re meeting with, what we wrote on our blogs, and the list of self-serving purposes goes on an on.  The thing is though, this seems to be PERFECTLY acceptable and even expected.  Never has self-promotion been more rampant and acceptable like it is today.  Twitter is literally flipping our world upside down!  Those who didn’t have a voice before get to broadcast their every thought and find some degree of significance (whoa!?) through their life in Twitterdom.  This could be both good and bad. . . 


5.  “God bless/loves you”

It’s a bit controversial to say that this statement is a cliche but it’s true!  It’s true that God loves you and seeks to bless you but it’s also true that this is probably the most overused “default” phrase in the Christian vernacular.  It is almost the Christian version of “hello” and “goodbye”.  Nothing wrong with it at all but it’s something to think about if it is something you utter robotically every day!  I mention this phrase though, not to knock it, but rather to use it as encouragement for those of you who are sad because you don’t have 1,028,092 followers.  The somewhat obvious truth is, one could have 1 billion followers on Twitter but still live an unfulfilling life.  On the converse of that, you may have just 2 followers (and one of them is your mom) but you are quietly living a life that is worthy of 50 billion retweets.  Even if you don’t get the love you desire in this Twitter life, go about the business God made you for and remember this wonderful and true ‘cliche’ – “God sees you, even if others don’t


How TWEET it is!


here’s a video that has circulated quite a bit regarding twitter culture:


Anybody else have a good cliche/twitter truth?


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