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updated american idol power rankings – the fav five


So what does your fav five look like?  Don’t even get cute by putting Charles Barkley and Dwyane Wade in the mix.  

It was a very good show last night, if not the best of the season, with the theme being songs from the Rat Pack era.  I thought everyone stepped it up in a big way, including the ever-too-consistent Danny Gokey; he reached new heights this week and it was actually very refreshing to hear.  

Let’s hear it for my boy Matt Giraud who managed to stave off elimination last week!  I’m not so sure the news will be as good for him this week…. (spoiler alert)

As you could tell from previous weeks, I normally don’t care for the celebrity mentors they bring in to coach these young artists but MAN, Jamie Foxx was on FIRE was he not?  I knew he could sing but I underestimated his ability to speak into people and bring out the best in others.  I don’t know if it’s because he’s coming off the high of the release of the Soloist but my goodness, I want him to be my vocal coach!  He was feeling the music, stared intently into the eyes of the artists, and challenged them to be better singers and at this stage of the game, he was exactly what everyone needed!  I feel like I became a better singer by simply watching Jamie coach!  

Finally, a little something on Simon Cowell.  I have a new nickname for him and it’s “Swing Vote Cowell”.  No matter what the other judges say, it’s what Simon says that sways the votes of the American public.  The in-studio audience can boo him all they want but America listens to him.  This is nothing new, of course, but I’m realizing that this show is very easy to rig because of Simon’s clout with the public.  As long as Simon pimps Adam Lambert like he does every week, Adam will win.  On the other side of that, because the producers would like to see Allison go next, he unfairly declared that she was in danger last night.  Bogus stuff. 

In any case, I’m getting excited about the finish line that’s approaching.  I think it may be safe to say that this is the best final 5 that Idol has ever had.  Would you agree?  Now to my rankings…

The top 5:

1. Kris Allen (previous rank: 1)


If Jamie Foxx is going to endorse Kris Allen, I will endorse Kris Allen (at least for one more week).  He received madd props from Jamie and basically offered him a record deal if things don’t work out with Idol.  What Kris did last night was pretty dang impressive and it is amazing to see how far he has come since the early rounds when I would write him off for his primate likeness.  My respect for him has gone up since I found out last week that Kris is also a worship leader (aka singer at church) and has been to Thailand, my other home.  He’s also very humble in admitting that he may not be the best singer in this competition but I also like the swagger and confidence he has developed over the course of this season.  He’s what I’d call a bad-ass in the best sense possible.  (Please read my blog post right before this one on “our deepest fear” and you’ll know what I’m talking about)

2. Danny Gokey (previous rank: 3)


WOW.  Gokey.  Way to bring it!  Last night was the first time I said “that was sick” after a Danny Gokey performance.  I always acknowledged he was good or even “really good” but he definitely reached a new level and I attribute this to Jamie Foxx’s moment with him.  Perhaps Danny found an album angle last night as well?  The whole white-soul-singer mixed with Rat Pack sensibilities worked well for him.  The competition seriously heated up last night and it’s going to be very interesting to see who ends up in the top 2.  Whether or not Danny ends up winning makes no difference.  It’s pretty clear that he’s going to be rich from being the next spokesperson for Lens Crafters.  

3. Allison Iraheta (previous rank: 5)


I would venture to say that Allison could have won in some of the previous seasons or perhaps in a future season when she’s not surrounded by more mature, charismatic, and curiously heart-throb-like boys.   She was pretty awesome last night but I think she will fall victim to the Swing Vote Cowell effect and probably get eliminated.  If I’m really honest though, Allison deserves to last one more week and my favorite this season should go tonight.  Very sad but true.  

4. Adam Lambert (previous rank: 4)


I enjoyed Adam’s performance last night but not for the same reasons that the judges and America enjoyed it.  I don’t know if you guys caught it but there was comedy in the performance at several levels: 1) Not only did Adam get the pimp spot by going last but Idol decided to bust out the production equivalent of the Super Bowl halftime show meets the second coming of Jesus for the queen…i mean, king of indulgence.  C’mon, the way they had him descend the illuminated staircase of heaven, the way they radiated him in lights of splendor, etc.  Shameless.  2) And on the other side, didn’t Adam just look like a “deceiver” last night?  Especially with the white suit and bright lights… it was all very “tele-evangelisty”.  Sort of like how evil masquerades in white.  If Kris is the good guy, Adam is the anti-christ of American Idol.  YIKES– I went there!  This is getting sort of outta hand!  

5. Matt Giraud (previous rank: 2)

matt_giraud_210x202 Matt did his thing last night but it was the shakiest performance out of the top 5.  I thought everyone else stepped up their game last night except for Matt and it all goes back to what I said last week about how everything he does from here on out may be too-little, too-late.  Matt needed to blow everyone out of the water but I felt very nervous for him.  The fedora, once again, was a good move because it ups his level of hipness a few notches.  Matt may be safe since Simon declared Allison would be the one in trouble last night but anything could happen though so let’s see what goes down.  I still believe in you, Matt!  Even if I had to rank you last this week!  

Elimated Last Week:

Anoop Desai


Look at this picture and let’s praise the American Idol make-over crew for taking a pocket-protector-lovin’ dorkface and converting him into a hero and heartthrob for aspiring academics everywhere trapped in nerd-dom. You are an inspiration for them all, Anoop.


Lil Rounds


Let’s look at this picture and remember what happens when you don’t develop thicker skin throughout the process of an intense competitive battle. She looks confident here but she got toe’ up from the flo’ up by the judges’ weekly confusion. Here’s to hoping you get your groove back, Lil! Remember, your name is an oxy-moron!





11 responses

  1. Angela

    danny really impressed me last night and i’ve never been impressed by him! always thought he was good, but like you said, boring.

    i’m a huge adam fan, but didn’t like him as much last night. everyone stepped it up in a big way so it was really hard for me to rank them. i would’ve put danny in the #1 spot for last night. i do love kris allen’s humility and attitude though (same reasons i loved elliot yamin).

    matt giraud has been giving me the heeby geebies for the past 3 weeks. *shiver*. as much as i hate to say this, i think allison will be going home too. matt giraud is the VOTE FOR THE WORST ( pick right now so he’ll be getting all those votes too.

    my final ranking:
    1. danny
    2. adam (sorry i know you’re not a fan but i love him)
    3. kris or allison
    5. matt

    April 29, 2009 at 1:42 pm

  2. DK

    nice thoughts angela. you’re not alone in your love for adam but i’ll never understand you guys!

    April 29, 2009 at 9:35 pm

  3. tracy mo

    Kris….still my favorite :)))) yipppee!

    April 29, 2009 at 10:25 pm

  4. Angela

    i am INCREDIBLY HAPPY that allison is not going home tonight!!! whew, so glad we were wrong on that one.

    April 29, 2009 at 10:34 pm

  5. Stephen

    I just hope Allison goes home…I didn’t watch the show yet but I’m assuming by Angela’s comment that Matt was next to go?

    April 30, 2009 at 1:05 am

  6. Paul

    DK, I couldn’t agree more with your assessments of Adam, and I was very happy, and surprised, to see Adam in last night’s bottom three — simply because it gave me hope that Danny G has a legitimate shot at prevailing in the finals. (And it was about time that the anti-christ of AI got his ego deflated just a bit!) Based on performances to date, I’d say Alison will bow out next week, followed by Kris.

    April 30, 2009 at 3:50 am

  7. useyourhed

    I mostly agree w/your rankings but would switch Danny & Kris. Kris has got the clean voice & creativity/originality going for him, but Danny’s got soul and is perfectly in key EVERY TIME. Can’t fault the brotha! I’d like to see the 2 worship leaders in the finals.

    April 30, 2009 at 1:40 pm

  8. soomp

    i too was wildly delighted to see adam in the bottom 2 last nite, but now adam-philes will be out en force here on out… toooooo bad. i’d rather him not have been in the bottom 2 for that reason alone.

    i’m surprised but happy to see your “cowell swing vote” theory failed last nite. i was a pretty firm believer in it as well — it was a relief to see that he is not the all-powerful entity we’ve been led to believe

    April 30, 2009 at 5:58 pm

  9. DK

    Hey Dudes, YES! We’re all mostly glad to see Adam in the bottom 3 (except for Angela) but it’s all good! Good to see that Cowell is not deity. The world would be in trouble!

    May 1, 2009 at 12:43 pm

  10. hour9

    Cowell is the deity! haha. I love Cowell. Maybe because he can a jerk like I can be sometimes. I’ve always said that you just have to peak at the right time…look at what QuestCrew did with ABDC. They were hovering in the top spot but never quite showed 100% till near the end, it worked out great for them. I see the same with AI, if you can come on too strong at the beginning it can hurt you near the end because you’re 100% seems like a 90% if it keeps sounding the same. Where as if you started at 90% and move to 99%, it shows improvement and growth, America loves to see progress! It’s what our nation is built on.

    May 1, 2009 at 2:02 pm

  11. DK

    @hour9. I love how American Idol reflects America as a whole. Progress, productivity…. and indulgent non-sense. America, the beautiful!

    May 2, 2009 at 12:54 pm

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