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artist spotlight – Matt Shockley

This is my buddy Matt.  He currently plays electric guitar for our band here at Newsong Irvine but he is a full-time singer/songwriter and a dang good one at that!  You gotta watch his live shows, especially to get a taste of his chops on the guitar and hear some of his unique melodies and sounds!  I had the privilege of writing out a new bio for his website recently and thought I’d let you all read it and then encourage you to visit to purchase his music and show your support for another quality artist!  This was my first stab at doing an artist’s bio but I had a lot of fun doing it.  Hope you like it and I hope it motivates you to give Matt Shockley some love!  Check it out:

The world needs more people like Matt Shockley—passionate, talented, humble, and… sexy!  Yes, you read that right, sexy!  (And for the record, this is coming from a completely heterosexual and happily-married man.)  I mean, what’s not to love about a fly white guy who writes and produces his own music, plays guitar like the Caucasian offspring of Jimi Hendrix, and has a good grasp of who he is and what he’s not?  That’s a lethal combination and by “lethal”, I mean completely awesome!  I can’t say the same for posers like the Jonas Brothers (no offense to you closet teeny boppers) who make me think, “why in the world are they famous?” Matt Shockley has the gifting, dedication, and creativity to crack the grand stage and we’re the ones who get to witness this and journey with him on this path to destiny.  Doesn’t that just sound incredible?  

“Dancing to a Disco,” Matt Shockley’s latest and best work, is a culmination of who he is (an artist in the truest sense), where he’s been (Georgia, Tennessee, California), and what he hopes to be (even more awesome).  In a musical world that is littered with overproduced, inauthentic, and image-driven puke, Matt offers a bit more substance for the soul—a melodic salad to offset the dissonant junk food that’s being stuffed down consumers throats these days!  The title track, at first listen, may sound like “just” another great love song, but you will find that it speaks of hope in the midst of trials and hardship; a rather timely message given our gloomy day and age. That’s the thing about Matt—he’s deep, relevant, sensitive to the climate of the day, and best of all, he has a twitter account (@mattshockley. Go “follow” him right now)! 


Something that is overlooked a lot these days is passion.  Dreams are on hold because bills need to be paid and many are stuck in jobs they hate, simply because they pay well and no other option is in sight.  Fear of failure plays a big part in inhibiting people from chasing after what’s really on their hearts.  Matt Shockley is someone who has consciously made a decision to fight this and he is living out his dream—not because music is always the most lucrative, rewarding, easy, or secure line of work (Matt will be the first to tell you it is not!) but because Matt loves this and he is able to pour all that he is into his work.  For those of you who feel that passion and dreams are overrated and endangered concepts, take one hard look at Matt’s life and music and you may start to feel otherwise.  And while you’re at it, take one hard look at Matt’s profile picture and you may feel this overwhelming need to hug him. . . and that’s perfectly normal. 


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