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song to jump off a cliff to – “Hoppipolla” by Sigur Ros

You probably heard this song on the Slum Dog Millionaire commercials and felt a sudden desire to watch/buy this film (crank your speakers or headphones up and listen):

I don’t know about you but when I hear this song, I feel like I could jump off a cliff and everything will be alright!  This is arguably one of the greatest pump-up songs of all time; you can listen to it before a big presentation, before a big game, before you pop the big question or before you head out to freestyle battle Papa Doc to win the big prize and Britney Murphy’s heart

Sigur Ros is an Icelandic band so that explains why you don’t understand the lyrics.  My goal for one of these days is to record an English version of this song with sweet lyrics.  I bet there are versions out there already but who cares?  I’ll make my version about something that really matters… like global poverty or Lakers basketball.  In any case, Slum Dog Millionaire probably owes these guys a ton of money as I’m sure their song (which was only used for the commercials and is not even in the movie!) subliminally motivated people to watch and buy the film.  

what’s your favorite song to jump off a cliff to?  


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