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the talented mr. macintyre

you all know how disapproving (to say the least) I am of partially-blind singer Scott MacIntyre’s enduring run in this season’s American Idol competition.  He is currently in the top 8 and to my weekly dismay, it seems like he may last in the competition a while longer.  I’ve been ripping him in all of my posts, ranked him last in just about every one of my power rankings, and even heartlessly made fun of the way he looks despite his visual disability (totally jacked up, i know).  well apparently, he is a piano prodigy and I found this interesting article on him from a few years back.  He definitely is a good pianist and I give him props for that but he’s still a very, very below average singer with a very outdated, irrelevant sound.  I think he should just focus on piano because a blind person who plays piano at a high level is wayyy more impressive than a blind singer… and that’s a known fact.  (btw, who’s been voting “yes” in my poll?!?  he has 10 votes so far!)


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