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updated american idol power rankings – top 40 for the top 9



CRISIS was averted last week. What in the world was America thinking?!?  MATT GIRAUD in the bottom 3?!?  I just about had a stroke.  Let it be known today:  if Matt doesn’t make it to the top 4 (ATLEAST) of this competition, I will stop updating my power rankings and I may even stop watching the show altogether… forever.  Ok, that’s a lie.  New season in ’10, new attitude, I’m there.  In any case, I decided I would rock the vote for the first time this season and I texted in my “VOTE” to 5706 and I am also announcing that I am going to be trying out for American Idol in 2010.  It’s time to take matters into my own hands…and it’s time you performed your constitutional right by voting for your favorite idol.  I hope it’s Matt because he deserves this.  The good news in all of this? MICHAEL SARVER has been eliminated!  YES!!!   Before we move on, let’s take a quick time out for this poll:

This week was the Top 40 competition and overall it was a good episode.  There were a couple performances that really caught my attention whil some really flopped with their song choices and it hurt them.  The ability to pick the right song (even if people feel it is a “broken record” comment from the judges) is actually a very important element and essential skill to possess if one is going to advance far in this competition.  Experience has a lot to do with this and as I responded in the comments section of my last entry, the ones with the most experience in this competition are Matt (sings at a piano bar for a living), Danny (church music director), and Adam (been on the cast of musicals, including “Wicked”) so you can’t ignore the value of experience (which often translates to more consistency with song choice and actual execution of the songs).  The one with the least experience, Megan, is once again in danger of going home this week after another horrible performance due in large part to bad (wait for it… ) song choice.  

Something that sickens me about the show is how the judges (and probably the producers of the show) insist on putting each artist in a very narrow and tight box (i.e. “Megan, you should ONLY sing Adele, Duffy, etc!”)  Ironically, Kara D. talked about “artistry” in this show but I don’t think American Idol has any credibility in the “artistry,” or “art” arena.  Idol produces good performers and marketable faces (some of the time) but very seldom do they produce or pursue true artists–mainly because they discourage originality but pretend to celebrate it when the “originality” is expressed in the box they give to the contestants.  So why do I watch this show?  Sheer entertainment, baby.

Now to my rankings!

the top 9:

1.  Matt Giraud (previous rank: 1)

matt_giraud_210x202  let me start by saying that last night was probably Matt’s worst performance since the top 13 kicked off.  When it was announced that this would be the Top 40 week, I was really hoping Matt would do “Apologize” by One Republic (which the judges actually suggested during their comments; another example of their pigeon-holing ways, but whatever!) because I could totally hear him killing that song but maybe he’s saving it for the later rounds.  I honestly thought “The Fray” would be the next best thing for him so I was anticipating something great but instead felt nervous the whole performance with a couple redeeming moments at the end.  So why is Matt still #1?  Well, remember these rankings are cumulative and not solely based on one performance.  Also remember, I am the author and perfector of this blog so my opinion counts for a lot!  Matt is still my guy, even if America refuses to see the light, darn it!  If Matt is eliminated tonight, I’m going to throw a fit.

2.  Danny Gokey (previous rank: 3)

danny_gokey_210x202if Danny can stay on the Seal (“Kiss From a Rose”) side of soul rather than Michael McDonald/Bolton, then I’m a fan.  The problem is that he teeters in his vocal delivery between the two sides and it’s confusing me and turning me off to his star potential.  He had a great performance last night, although I don’t think it was as flawless as the judges made it seem.  He’s a really nice guy and I can see why people are drawn to him.  I think you may enjoy this article about his designer frames which clears up a lot of my questions about this from a previous post.  Now I need to find me a sponsor…

3.  Allison Iraheta (previous rank: 2)


her outfit last night was not that bad but she did look like a character straight out of Alice in Wonderland, the dark  musical.  I liked her take on Gwen Stefani and I don’t know how every one is not impressed by her.  She is indeed a powerhouse, a force to be reckoned with, a front-runner, and every other positive cliche in the book.  She just needs to stop taking fashion advice from the Osbourne family and she’ll be fine.

4.  Kris Allen (previous rank: 6)

kris_allen_210x202 OK, so of all the people who performed last night, Kris caught my eye the most and I decided it was time I show him some love.  I can’t deny the fact that he’s been one of the most consistent and overlooked (at least by me) performer on the show.  He doesn’t have a whole lot of flash but he gets the job done and he’s solid.  I guess he’s also looking less “chimpy” these days and ironically, the facial hair and rugged look is contributing to this.  He also received the so-called “pimp spot” and went last yesterday which almost always goes to the best performance of the night.

5.  Adam Lambert (previous rank: 5)


speaking of the best performance of the night, Adam Lambert may have been the one but like I said last week, I’m not going to fall for the Lambert trap.  He’s deceiving all of America right now into voting for him with his virtuoso performances and he’s gonna do this until he reaches the top.  I can see it unfolding like this: Adam wins and cries like a girl on stage, all of America will cheer, scream, and celebrate… but a few months later, his CD will come out and it will be nothing more than 10 tracks of screaming, “indulgent non-sense”, with a guest spot by Steven Tyler on the bonus track to add to the redundancy.  America, don’t do it.  

6.  Anoop Desai (previous rank: 4)


Anoop is an R&B artist and that’s pretty clear, even though Kara D. seemed to imply otherwise.  What Anoop is not is the second coming of Usher.  If you’re going to do an Usher song, you’d better  1) be a crazy good dancer, 2) wear a head-set microphone, and 3) make sure the water sprinklers break onto the stage and glisten on your six-pack abs, while the background dancers take turns lunging towards your mid-section throughout the routine.  Anoop didn’t have any of those 3 essential elements going for him and that’s why his song flopped.  Quite simple, really.

7.  Lil Rounds (previous rank: 7)


how the mighty have fallen!  Lil was probably my favorite lady heading into this round of 13 but I think she is in danger of leaving the show within the next 3 weeks (including tonight).  I don’t know why she decided to go with the song and look she went with but it was just the wrong call and it put her back several decades.  She really flopped by not taking advantage of the wide range of songs she could’ve chosen from in this Top 40 category.  At least her daughters are adorable!  

8.  Scott MacIntyre (previous rank: 9)


when Scott was in the bottom 3 last week with Michael Sarver, I felt like I was in a win-win situation.  Then Ryan Seacrest sent Scott back to his seat and I was once again furious and frustrated and I gave myself a black eye.  To his credit, Scott did have his best performance yet (still not saying a whole lot) and for the second week in a row, he was better than Megan (which is really not saying a whole lot).

9.  Megan Joy (previous rank: 10 )


i think Megan should go home tonight but I don’t think she will thanks to  That website has been responsible for the previous “successes” of Sanjaya a couple years ago and other “why are they still on the show?!” contestants.  Instead I think Scott, Lil or even Matt (say it ain’t so!) may be in danger!  Please let me be wrong about this!  Please!  Let it be Scott or Megan.  All will be well after tonight if that happens.  Megan botched an opportunity once again by failing to deliver a song she claimed to love.  Better luck next time, Megan!


ELIMINATED Last Week: Michael Sarver


My horror at finding Matt Giraud in the bottom 3 was redeemed when Michael was finally eliminated!  Why did the judges waste their time by acting like it was a difficult decision to not keep him around?  I found that incredibly annoying.  Michael, best of luck to you and keep pumping that oil.  Our country needs it.  


Previously ELIMINATED Alexis Grace 





Previously ELIMINATED:  Jasmine Murray



Previously ELIMINATED: Jorge Nunez



My not-so-bold prediction:

Scott survives AGAIN.

So there you have it!  Your thoughts?  

Let’s hear it!


3 responses

  1. i love your power rankings!
    i’m always disappointed when i go check your blog the morning after, but you always bring me back to life with your afternoon personal update notification 🙂

    my fav was your #4 on anoop. PERFECT!!! yeah – the whole time i was just nervous, and didn’t even realize what song it was till the chorus, cuz scott mcintyre can probably out-usher the ‘noop on any given day (not! but that’s how non-usher it was). good thing he has a ton of fans!

    i thought the chimp wonderful young man kris allen delivered as always – the only one who has failed to disappoint even once! slow and steady may win the day….??? i’m officially announcing my membership in TEAM KRIS!

    actually, the gokey has never disappointed in an actual performance either- but that one week he did those pelvic thrusts during the group number kinda put an ugly gash in my memory of him ;P but again – i agree that the performance was not perfect!! especially that part right before the chorus, it felt kinda rushed and awkward — but overall, he’s still AMAZING.

    MATT, MATT, MATT!!! i fell in love during hollywood week, with that short clip of GEORGIA. i mean, that was unbelievable. but when i heard that he was doing THE FRAY, my heart sank 2 levels, and when he started singing, it sank 10 more. homie, you just can’t do straight pop. you don’t have enough control of your big voice. you just don’t!! every single week, you have FONKY notes. that’s ok when you’re doing something really bluesy, cuz the blues almost demand imperfection. but anything that demands a strong and steady voice, it’s a FAIL!!! i’m sorry! you broke my heart one too many times!!! you’ve dropped to #2 in my heart forever (till maybe next week ^^).

    i gave up on my blog, so here’s my 3 cents on adam lambert. ADAM – you seem like a really sincere & geniune type of guy. i like you a lot, but only when you aren’t singing. a couple points: how come you never get blasted by the judges for shouting/screaming your songs?? how come you make those heeby faces and moves when you sing???? it’s just too sexy, and NOT in a good way (i thought AI was a family show!). yes, you have an amazing voice. yes, you are very creative. but the only way i’ll ever enjoy hearing you sing is if its’ GUNS N’ ROSES week, and you do SWEET CHILD O’ MINE or NOVEMBER RAIN. you would kill that so hard it won’t even be funny. i may even vote for you on that day. but otherwise, you are the most over-hyped vehicle since … ever.

    lastly, lil’ rounds – you broke my heart 3 weeks in a row. there’s no coming back from that. i don’t know if country week broke you or what, but you have no control (‘effortless’, paula? really??) of your big big voice, your song choices SUCK, especially this week’s celine-KOST 103-wannabe-snoozer, and your hair was even worse.

    o yeah o yeah – allison is the awesome. i thought she out-gwen’ed gwen on that song, and i hated how the judges got stuck on the outfit. the end!!!

    April 1, 2009 at 12:27 pm

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