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these are a few of my unfavorite things: defeating the purpose of eating at Souplantation

Healthy living is a very interesting thing.  On one hand, you have a movement of people who are striving to live a healthier lifestyle by eating right, exercising, and reading up on every trendy diet that seems to emerge every few months.  On the other hand, you have a majority of people who just don’t give a crap.  You see the convergence of these two groups at a friendly “healthy” destination named “Souplantation” (check your local Yellow Pages for the location nearest you).  If you go to Souplantation on any given day you will see the 2 distinct groups of people I mentioned above with a sad 3rd group I will spend most of this entry talking about: those who pretend to be healthy and continuously defeat (or basically destroy) the purpose of eating at Souplantion.

First of all, Souplantation is a joint that prides itself on being a “healthy buffet”– one of the most oxy-moronic concepts known to man today.  Any time your restaurant has an all-you-can-eat option, you severely cripple your credibility as a healthy destination.  If your salad buffet includes eggs, ranch, thousand island, and sour cream, you might as well serve roast beef and change the name to “Home Town Buffet”.  Just go to a Souplantation some time and see what ends up on your plate by the time you make your way to your seat.  My guess is you will pile on the “good stuff” with a clearer conscience, only because you’re in a place like Souplantation!  This happens to me all the time!

Perhaps you have had a conversation like this that led you to this deceptive place:

“What do you feel like eating?”

“Oh, I don’t know man . . . I’ve been eating fastfood all week.  How about something healthy?”


“Oh, good suggestion.  Salad.  Good for you.   I also love their pizza and chili with sour cream!  I’m getting hungry …let’s go!”  

As a social experiment, just go to a Souplantation during your lunch hour and observe what takes place.  You will notice that there are a LOT of “unhealthy” people in the restaurant, presumably with good initial intentions, who happen to have a mountain of eggs and croutons on top of their cesar salad with glops of ranch dressing as they make their way to their seats, coke in hand.  The mentality is, “it’s all good!  We’re at Souplantation!  All this stuff is good for you!”  Not at that quantity with that combination of food, my friend.  You have officially defeated the purpose of eating at Souplantation.  Now time to head to the gym and spend about an hour on the treadmill.  Afterwards, you have worked up an appetite so you stop by In N Out and order the protein burger and cup of water . . . and then a #1 combo, animal-style with root beer.  Congratulations.

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