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updated american idol power rankings – motown madness!


welcome back!  it was a pretty action-packed week, was it not?  On Monday, Korea decides to pitch to Ichiro and loses their rights to DokDo Island (not really but wouldn’t that have been a great prize to play for?).  Super heart-breaking loss on many levels.  Barack steals the show on Tuesday so let’s put him at #1 for that day but as far as the Wednesday show goes, the rankings for sure have shifted.  I’ll save you a commercial break by letting you know that my #1, Matt Giraud, has not moved in this week’s ranking and it doesn’t look like he will move ever for reasons I explain in the feature below.  However, I have a new last place person (for one week only… Scott Mac, you’re still my guy) so you’ll have to read to see who that is!  If this is your first time to my site, you may want to check out my first round of power rankings to get a better idea of what this is about as well as the next one to get caught up.

before I move on, let us mourn the unexpected yet expected loss of Alexis “hopelessly fallen out of” Grace at the hands of American voters who. once again, wasted their votes on the likes of Michael Sarver and Scott MacIntyre!  I don’t care how “well” those two perform.  In my eyes, they will never do anything right.  Unfair?  I know, but such is the life of show business.  

I don’t know about you but I enjoyed this Motown episode WAYYY more than the Country debacle from last week.  Smoky Robinson was a better coach– either that or the artists voices fit this genre better.  (Perhaps we’ll go with the latter supposition)  The judging was a little better but Paula was Paula (surprise) and her drawn-on mustache from Simon was classic, yet juvenile.  Is it just me or do they have a Jr. High romance going on?  I swear, at one point it looked like Paula had her hand on Simon’s lap and they’re constantly touching each other under the guise of mutual loathing . . . but it’s looking more like they love each other and it’s pretty gross.  

Well, on to this week’s top 10.  I already told you who’s number 1, but who’s number 10?  I think you may know that as well . . . 

the top 10:


1.  Matt Giraud (previous rank: 1)

matt_giraud_210x202  don’t be blinded by your unwavering loyalty to Danny Gokey.  Matt is proving week after week that he is a star in the making, and although I won’t go as far as saying that he’s blowing away the competition, he is more of a complete package than anyone else in this lineup.  As long as he stays away from “Viva la Vida”, I think Matt will be riding this #1 slot for the rest of the season.  I must say it was a bit uncomfortable when Kara Dioguardi showed her appreciation for Matt’s performance by saying “yeahh. . . let’s get it oOoN!”  In any case, anybody who can pull off a fresh performance of Marvin Gaye and get props from Smokey is a friend of mine and a seemingly immoveable fixture at #1.  

2.  Allison Iraheta (previous rank: 5)


not to belabor my point but one must constantly note, whoever goes last on a particular episode is placed there because the producers want a guaranteed show-stopping performance and strong close to the show.  In other words, the person is awesome and a bonafide contender.  Allison was that girl last night and she delivered so much punch that I feel that she is the #2 contestant (and #1 girl) in this competition!  I will admit she is getting less weird, more confident, and more impressive with each performance.  Her mother is at every show and loses it everytime, probably because of the overwhelming combination of the thoughts, “i’m so proud of her!  my flesh and blood!” and “we’re gonna be riiiich!! [blows nose, wipes tear]”

3.  Danny Gokey (previous rank: 2)

danny_gokey_210x202i love Gokey and to his credit, he was my first love on the show…  lest we forget, he freakin’ lost his wife so each performance is going to be filled with a bit more soul.  That being said, I thought he was awesome last night but I’m starting to realize why he is not on the top of my list: he is a 50-year-old soul-singer trapped in a 28-year-old body.  The weekly updated power-frames can only do so much for my friend here.  Of course I could be wrong and he could still win this whole thing but before we crown him with many crowns, would you buy his album?  Do we really need another Michael McDonald or dare I say, Michael Bolton?  Ouch.  Yes, I went there.  

4.  Anoop Desai (previous rank: 3)


i am constantly baffled by the fact that the way Anoop looks and the way he sings doesn’t compute (this is my weekly nerd pun) in my mind.  it’s pretty shocking and for that factor alone, people may be voting for him.  he reminds me of a lesser and brown version of Wanya (“wan-yay”) of Boyz II Men without the perpetual “come back to me or I’ll cry and commit suicide”-singing style.  It’s high praise, nonetheless.  

5.  Adam Lambert (previous rank: 4)


the judges went crazy about it, and I’m sure America loved it so much that they made him the high vote-getter last night, but I was not crazy about his performance and i’m just not gonna drink the Adam Lambert Kool-Aid anymore.  Sure, he showed a different side by singing softly and getting his hair styled at Fantastic Sam’s but the pitchy, soul-less falsetto just didn’t do it for me.  It seems like America and Idol producers are intent on hyping-up and voting Adam to this season’s crown but they’re in for a big surprise when his albums don’t sell.  How do they not see this happening?  Now I know how Noah felt when people didn’t heed his warnings…

6.  Kris Allen (previous rank: 7)

kris_allen_210x202 Kris is very solid.  I’m getting sold on him every week but like I’ve been saying, he’s not going to win this thing for the same glaring and obvious reasons:  there are too many powerhouses in this competition and last I checked, he still looks like a chimp.  



7.  Lil Rounds (previous rank: 9)


the judges said it last night so I won’t feel like i’m being a stereotypical jerk for saying this but here goes: Lil should’ve DOMINATED last night!  isn’t she supposed to embody today’s Motown flava?  I’m not only saying this because she’s black and sings with soul, but of all the weeks to flop (again), this was not it!  The performance wasn’t horrible but again, Lil was supposed to blow everyone’s minds and ears, and because she didn’t she is in danger of elimination.  This situation is an example of how certain people are just held to a higher standard because everyone knows that they’re supposed to be great, but when they’re not great everytime, they have “failed”.  Very unfair.  Sort of like how if the Lakers don’t win the championship this year, they “fail”.  I agree with that take, though.  Especially if we get Bynum back, we have no excuse.  Yes, I referred to the Lakers as “we” and yes, we can get back to Idol talk…

8.  Michael Sarver (previous rank: 10)


I don’t want to sound like a broken record so I’ll spare you reasons why Michael should be out.  At least he’s ahead of TWO people this time.  Let’s make a deal and throw a pizza party at my house the day he’s out!  I’ll invite Jamar, you invite Ju’ Not and we’ll play Sing Star.  Country tunes will be banned.


9.  Scott MacIntyre (previous rank: 11)


wow!! Can it be?  Scott is actually better than someone!  Well, this is a rare case of a perpetual bottom-dweller benefiting from one HORRENDOUS performance by another who had been in the middle of the pack.  I placed Scott here because America found another reason to keep him around another week . . .  or 3.


10.  Megan Corkrey (previous rank: 8 )


poor Stevie Wonder. . . can anyone do his songs justice?  First the Jonas Brothers and now this?  I still think it’s Megan’s inexperience that kills her.  She has a unique voice and the camera likes her but she has no knack for performance and very little confidence.  I felt very nervous and anxious throughout her performance and I hate that.  At least she stopped moving around like she has Tourrettes.  The mommys are dropping like flies.  First Alexis, now Megan?  Lil may be next.  All this is speculation so if Scott MacIntyre, by some miracle, is eliminated tonight I will run around naked in my apartment with my clothes on.  Yes.

ELIMINATED last week:  Alexis Grace 

alexis_grace_210x202 i had such high hopes for you, Alexis.  keep your head up, raise your girl the right way, and say no to drugs.




Previously ELIMINATED:  Jasmine Murray



Previously ELIMINATED: Jorge Nunez



My not-so-bold prediction:

I predict Scott will unfairly survive YET another week but that’s only thanks to Megan.  

So there you have it!  Your thoughts?  

TAKE the now-weekly POLL!

6 responses

  1. Joe

    the phrase “the wrong song” should be forbidden, it’s such a cop-out answer seriously. all the judges have to say is “Sorry, you fail because…” (thank you Simon for being the only original one)

    March 28, 2009 at 12:23 am

  2. just wanted to say WADDUP – another great post!
    i’m nearly giving up after 2 weeks in a row of iphone’s wordpress losing most if not all of my post!

    March 30, 2009 at 5:08 pm

  3. DK

    @Joe – “the wrong song” is actually a pretty accurate critique of most of the contestants. They have good voices but they have no idea what songs fit their style. I attribute this to lack of experience. The reason Matt, Danny, and Adam are doing well in this competition is because they know themselves pretty well and it is because they are pretty experienced in performance — Matt performs nightly at his dueling piano bar, Danny is a church music director, and Adam has been in musicals for years. Experience = better overall song choices (with the occasional Viva la Vida flop)
    @Soomp – WADDUP. it’s time you post your entries on your computer instead of the faulty wordpress app!

    March 31, 2009 at 11:06 am

  4. Amy

    Too bad Matt sucked it up this week w/the Fray. I’m a Matt fan, but I hated his rendition. I hope he finds his musical identity soon. Gokey still rocks.

    April 1, 2009 at 8:26 am

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